Game FortCraft – New survival game from NetEase

Game FortCraft – New survival game from NetEase
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Action
Size 450MB
Latest Version 0.10.115
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Soon after Epic Game announced that they would bring Fortnite to mobile in a short time. NetEase has a surprising answer that is a survival game quite similar to Fortnite. The game is called FortCraft. Currently, NetEase is running this game in individual countries. However, if interested, you can download this game with our link just below. Sure, FortCraft Battle Royale will become a big hit shortly.

As we all know, survival games are becoming a new trend in mobile phones. We have PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Epic also recently announced that they would bring Fortnite to the mobiles phone. The next day, NetEase released a similar game to Fortnite: FortCraft. This is something unusual. However we are the users, let’s ignore them and experience this exciting game.

Large maps up to 16Km2

If PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival have a relatively small map, only about 4Km2 or 8Km2. FortCraft has a large map of up to 16Km2, which is a new evolution of NetEase to give gamers a better experience, exploring with ease, travelling without worrying about unexpected enemies. The scene of the game is taken on a small coastal island. This is a peaceful, romantic village, but it is the battlefield where you will fight with hundreds of other opponents. If allowed to comment on the map in this game, I just want to say “it’s great”. The first time I opened this game, I just wanted to say that it is wonderful, it’s more beautiful than all the other survival games I’ve ever played. If PUBG brings a sense of thrill, FortCraft makes me so much happier.

Construction – Dam

With the hammer in hand, you can use it to build or destroy a building. You can even use it to knock down opponents if you do not have a gun. This is another feature entirely with PUBG. In PUBG, all buildings are available. It is a place to hide, search for weapons. But in FortCraft, you can build yourself a house in the middle of a field, a watchtower to watch your enemies, and even make a bridge to cross the river. Then you can break them or move to another place. This is a feature similar to Fortnite – a famous survival game of Epic.

Unique weapons

You will not be able to find AKM or AWM in this game. The guns that NetEase creates are impressive. You can get future technology guns like electric spray guns, machine guns, modern grenade launchers… and a lot of other weapons. Remember, you need to equip yourself with at least a gun to protect yourself because in survival games, guns are always the strongest weapon. However, do not forget that you need to find yourself accessories such as hats, armour, bombs, bullets … it does not matter the most but you must have if you want to survive long.


FortCraft for Android allows you to create many different types of characters, more specifically, you can customise your character in a style that you love. In the store, there are many different types of clothing, hats and shoes. Players can use in-game bonuses to purchase unique items, which make your character stand out. However, no matter how prominent, in a game like this, the most important thing is still the level.

Graphics – Other features

As I said above, the graphics and sound in this game are excellent. Not knowing that NetEase has planned for this game ever since? However, it was well taken care of, making me think that this is the official product of the Epic Game. Trust me, download this game right away and experience a lively, fun-filled space in the game. Language barriers are always a big problem for games coming from China, but right now this version of FortCraft has English support for all players. To say that this is the unique highlight of this game. Because it is the first beta release, FortCraft APK has some minor bug fixes, and the publisher will fix it shortly. The size of the game is 600MB, make sure your device has more than 600MB of memory to download and install.


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