Game Gears POP!
Publisher Microsoft Corporation
Genre Strategy
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.97
MOD Info Unlimited Power
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Update September 24, 2020 (6 months ago)

Gears of War has been featured in the console platform series that Microsoft has invested heavily for its child XBOX. In partnership with Epic Games, Microsoft first introduced a proprietary fantasy war game to end-users in late 2006. Thanks to the story of an alien-fueled search, Gears of War Quickly capture the feelings of players. Following the series on the console, Microsoft had boldly entered the mobile gaming market when it recently launched Gears POP!. Named after the talented poster after the release of the trailer, Gears POP received a lot of attention from gamers. Coming to Gears POP, players will experience a turn-based strategy game that is incredibly engaging. Under the graphical style from Funko, a cute and lovely space will fill the gamer’s eyes.

Collect and upgrade your favorite Gears of War characters

Players will play as members of the heroic squad in the COG fighting the Locusts who are invading the SERA planet. Earlier, the planet was known to have more efficient use of fuel than Earth’s raw fuel. However, in the course of exploitation, Locust’s intervention has reduced a large number of troops on SERA. Players will take the title of a hero (Gear) to fight the Locust. More specifically, Marcus Fenix will be the main character in this game. Players will be transformed into a hero Fennix Delta team. The sera discovery process will include two PVE and PVP modes.

For PVE mode, players need to create a team of 5 members. Team picking can be decided at random or pre-arranged. Gameplay works in real time, so if the team cannot be completed, Gears POP will handle these intelligent AI character designs. With more than 30 different characters, depending on their preferences and fighting style, players can build their own team. However, to be able to use a variety of warriors, players must actively fight, do tasks to open the COG card. Unlock more hidden skills and features of the cards.

Then the new warriors expressed their strength. The higher the difficulty level, the better the player has to upgrade his warrior. The upgrade includes two elements: character leveling and pieces of equipment. To level up characters, players will need to fight regularly. The experience gained after each level of the game, and the trophy will help the character stronger quickly. Also thanks to the fight, additional equipment will be opened and provided to the player. Equipping the character will increase the power many times.

In PVP mode, players will have to pair 4v4. Each party will need 4 members with different character classes. In such a match, the teamwork of the group will increase the winning rate for entire games. And the more you score, the faster your character will be upgraded. The tactical factor should be placed first in this mode. Properly used tactics will assist a lot of teammates. But in general, players still need to aim for the Ultimate with the Hammer of Dawn can finish the enemy team in a flash. Each time the victory will bring back valuable equipment such as new weapons, new armor,… Through which increase the strength is not difficult, mainly the focus of the fight.


Combined with Funko, the characters in Gears POP show up with chibi style is extremely cute and fun. Even with the lovely style, the game still owns the beautiful 3D design. The image is thoroughly elaborated, meticulous, creating the seamlessness of the scenes. The effects are smooth, impressive when you release the skills that made shining light and even fire. The game possesses quite a lot of common characteristics of the current RPG genre. Scenes always contain color effects, extravagant bombardment and beautiful. Besides, the sound element also contributes to the exciting and engaging experience of Gears POP.

As a bright future full of Gears of War, Gears POP deserves to be a hot game of Microsoft. Not only have the gameplay and storyline intriguing, but the game also brings a space of experience is extremely eye-catching, lovely. Although the completion level is high, Microsoft’s children with Funko are free in the application storage. Fast download, players will enjoy the hot of the game quickly.