Game Geometry Dash SubZero
Publisher RobTop Games
Genre Arcade
Size 49M
Latest Version 1.00
MOD Info all unlocked
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Geometry Dash SubZero – About 2 years ago, we were witnessing a prominent game news phenomenon that makes the whole game with gamers become crazy with it. The gameplay is quite simple as it only relies on the difficulty the terrain creates to entertain the player. Flappy Bird is one of the most inhibited casual games of all time. At the time, a lot of manufacturers were learning to play this crude style. However, these products have achieved some success. But after this fever drops, people start to forget and continue to get used to other products. The SubZero Geometry Dash looks unrelated to the Flappy Bird game, but if analyzed clearly, it’s a gameplay style and also gives players so much difficulty that they feel inhibited. Players can feel the inhibition immediately start playing the game.

RobTop Games is an established game maker up to now. The first time it debuted was in March 2012. To date, more than 6 years have passed, and their Geosocial Dash SubZero has been hugely successful with over 10 million downloads on Google Play. But if you visit other versions of this game will be many times more unexpected when the remaining products reached 50 million downloads. Only with 1 game that this manufacturer has achieved success and found its place in the gaming market for 6 years. Lite, Meltdown, World, … are loved and changed not only in the context but also hidden mechanisms of activity separate players attracted. But in general, every version retains its characteristics.


The gameplay is pretty straightforward as you will be brought to platform-style gameplay like in Mario. In that world, the character you control is a square block, constantly rolling forward. Its continuous forward movement is automatically set by the manufacturer, and the player will be controlled by a jump motion. So it’s hard to control a block of squares that travels continuously on the ground and can jump off the ground. The difference lies in the obstructions that the manufacturer has designed. It is so varied and creative that players cannot grasp all the variations and surprises it brings. Obstacles That could be rectangular blocks, triangles straight from the ground. Or, perhaps, chains of suspended spheres. There are also other challenges such as lava reaping, glacier or monster in the river, … Actually, the level of the game will even end, but where it wants to hit the most difficult. Players will go through that hell.


Challenges are hard, but the point that makes this game more interesting is the interaction between the game mechanics and music. Each time you touch the screen to make the square block bounce up, the music will create a new rhythm. It means that your hands will create music, express your style of play. If you calm down, you will create songs that are fast-paced but pleasant. If you are a fast-paced player, the music will be bustling.

MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty are 3 modes, also 3 difficulty levels corresponding to different types of background music. Surely this is the feature that makes the player feel this game. There is also a wide variety of subzero icons available. That means your character will be changing the appearance of many colors, making it a lot more fun.


Graphics of the game is one of the features that make it unique and attractive to players. Colors and lighting are primarily focused on the player to feel extremely distracted and dizzy. But it does not make his character sink in the scene of the disorder, but the other prominent in the middle of the screen thanks to the bright color scheme. Music combined with the scene will make the player feel distracted. They will be very focused on playing this game.