Game Girls’ Frontline

Game Girls’ Frontline
Publisher Longcheng Ltd.
Genre Card
Size 100M
Latest Version 2.0500_256
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Update July 14, 2020 (8 months ago)

What if the world you live in? All of us can use guns? And what if in that world, each one is a soldier on the battlefield? Girls Frontline – a cute game with beautiful girls. But who knows behind those lovely roses is filled with sharp thorns. All of them are incredibly talented fighters. In a turbulent world of Girls Frontline, can you get gifted girls under your control and join them all around the world?

Sexy girls – No, be careful

This is a card game. When you enter and play, you will be given the character cards. There are many more beautiful characters waiting for you to unlock, each of which has its power. Next, you have to build your squad and your squad through the big and small copies of the game. There is a huge map that you have to go through many places on the map. At every place, you have to fight with your girls constantly to be able to win and continue the journey. You will have to prove yourself as a natural leader, use your tactics, and arrange your troops so that you can win. That was never an easy thing. After winning, your girls will gain a significant amount of exp, and you will also get a small reward. Use the rewards you earn to upgrade the skills as well as the strength of the characters in your squad, and your girls will grow stronger. At the end of the road there is something to do, join the game and explore together!


As a tactical card game, Girls Frontline for Android has quite familiar features for players. The first is the system level, increase stars and skill effects for the character. This is a very familiar feature of any card game. Each time the character enters the battle and wins, your character will receive a certain amount of EXP. Power stats will also increase after you increase your star or increase your character’s ability. Character systems have a level division; the highest is level S. The feature of the duplicate is also focused on the intricate map that many goals have to overcome. Each version has a different style of fighting to help players practice flexibility when the formation of the team. It’s easy to open new characters with great power, and it’s great!

Graphics and sound

Girls Frontline will love the bottle guy, as well as the girl, loves the beauty as the characters in the game are very cool. Each character has a different style that cannot be mixed, and guns are also remarkably different. In the match, the character has chibi form extremely cute, but the power is not good enough. Beautiful screenshots, skill effects, backgrounds are beautifully designed and match the style of the game. The publisher also releases sound. Each character has a unique voice, the background music that creates excitement when you are engaged in combat will make you experience an unforgettable experience.

Sum up

As a charming and funny anime card strategy game, Girls Frontline APK will pick up a wave in the hearts of fans of this genre. If you want to prove yourself as a tactical and tactical calculator, know the strength of your army, why not try the Girls Frontline and experience it? Note that the English version of the game has not yet been released, we will update the APK file as soon as the game launches, follow us.


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