Game Goat Simulator GoatZ

Game Goat Simulator GoatZ
Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing
Genre Simulation
Size 530M
Latest Version 1.4.6
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Update October 6, 2020 (5 months ago)

Goat Simulator is one of the games that many players love because of the entertainment it gives to players. This game has received the attention of many players and is considered one of the simulation games worth playing. Because the game was very successful in the original version, the creator of the game decided to release many other games such as Payday for players to experience. Among the many games, there is a game that many players love until now; it is Goat Simulator GoatZ. This game combines the original version and the zombie element to have an enjoyable experience while playing the game.

Goat Simulator GoatZ (Full/Paid)


The world is living a peaceful life, humans and other animals live in the same world to develop together. But there was a human experiment that broke those inherent laws and was replaced by a world in turmoil. Humans have sought to revive the dead and bring them back to life. But that was inherently impossible, so the dead became a carnivore known as a zombie. They are just living creatures, but without any ability to think at all; their purpose is to chase and kill humans. When humans were eradicated, there was only one creature that could survive, that was a goat, and it fought with zombies to survive. This goat is also the character that players will play when coming to the game to experience. The player is the one who controls this goat to fight monsters and find a way to survive in this world.

Goat Simulator GoatZ (Full/Paid)

Impressive graphics of the game

When it comes to this series of games, the graphics are something that players are most interested in, because it looks very realistic for players to experience. The game’s creative team has successfully given players a world of quality graphics for players to experience. Although the game was released in 2015, up to now, the game’s graphics are also highly appreciated and superior to many simulation game titles. Compared to many of today’s top-notch games, this game is not worth mentioning, but the game’s graphics still give players a feeling that no other game has. So even though it has been many years, but when it re-released on mobile platforms, it still famous.

Goat Simulator GoatZ (Full/Paid)


If you want to survive, next to the enemy is a zombie, there is one more thing that players need to fight, which is hunger. While fighting, the goat will spend a lot of energy, and the player needs to find food to replenish the lost energy. The player is a goat, so it is not too demanding for food; the player can easily find food in the containers and convenience stores. If the player is too engrossed in fighting and forgets to find food, the player will die if he runs out of energy. So before fighting, prepare everything to make sure everything is fine.

Goat Simulator GoatZ (Full/Paid)

Fight with zombies

The player in the game aims to survive in this zombie world; this is a very challenging thing to do. The player needs to fight a lot with the zombies in the game to survive, which will not be easy. The player needs to know how to control the goat and use its horn to attack the enemy. When the player hits the middle, the zombies will lose HP, which will help you kill them. Players can adventure through the many cities in the game to find a way to survive a pandemic and find food.

Goat Simulator GoatZ (Full/Paid)

Prepare weapons

If fighting with zombies without a weapon, the player will easily face a disadvantage, so it is necessary to have a gun to fight. The game has provided players with a treasure trove of weapons that players can use in fighting. They are guns, but not ordinary guns, but candy guns, or shoot balls. That is the weapon that the player is allowed to use in the game to fight monsters. The player will mount a weapon on the goat’s back and attack enemies with gun bullets. The game will provide players with a lot of different guns for players to fight. But to use them, the player needs to search for ammo to load them to use them.


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