Game Goat Simulator

Game Goat Simulator
Genre Simulation
Size 525M
Latest Version 1.5.3
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Update August 5, 2020 (7 months ago)

Goats are species that bring a lot of economic benefits, have been widely applied in many items such as cheese, shower gel … Has anyone of you ever dreamed of becoming a goat? If you’ve ever dreamed like that, now you don’t need to dream anymore because your dreams have come true thanks to the game Goat Simulator.

The game was produced by the famous coffee company Coffee Stain Studios, the game has been available on many previous platforms such as PC, Console … The game has received great appreciation for gamers thanks to the entertainment that the game has bring to them. This famous game is now available on mobile platforms to bring great entertainment moments to players around the globe. Coming to the game you will get interesting experiences that have never been in any game before. Creating this game was a bold move from the manufacturer but they succeeded. So what are you waiting for without downloading Goat Simulator to become a goat yet?

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Everything the game revolves around is goats, goats, and goats. Players will be transformed into a crazy goat capable of destroying everything. The goat is equipped with a super long tongue that has extremely good adhesion. The goat can use the tongue to combine with his strength to pull a whole car. In the game, you can create the gameplay you like to enjoy the game yourself. You can gore, kick … you able to destroy an entire car if you ram them with your tiny horns. You can detonate a huge gas station with just a few gentle moves. If a crowd sees you, they will start to panic and run. But whether in real life or the game, the human strength is not equal to that of a goat and just a few seconds you can knock a few innocent citizens away. The gameplay of the game is very funny, players can enjoy great moments with the game.

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When you become a goat, what do you think you can do?


The game brings players to a very large map, which is the human world. Here the goat can stir up the whole city just for fun. The gameplay of the game does not have any physical properties at all, almost all physical properties do not exist in the game. What could be crazier when a goat could wear a Jetpack or a ball shooter on his back? Our goat, now equipped with Jetpack, can now fly everywhere on the map. Even the goat can go beyond the limits of the map. With the ball shooter, he was able to become a sniper from afar to take out the enemies.

Millions of Different Bugs for Players to Discover

Most creative teams of other games knowing that the game has an error they will find a solution immediately. But not for this game, they just fix the crash-bug, but countless other bugs in the game will be preserved. Bugs seem to have become one of the unique features of the game that is liked by many gamers. This is the point that brought the most fun for players.

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Different Versions for Players to Choose The

The game has many different versions for players to participate in and change their experience. Of course, players will have to spend a small amount of money to own these versions. They include Goat Simulator Waste of Space in this version, so our goat will have an adventure in outer space. The Goat Simulator GoatZ version will take players to a city destroyed during the zombie apocalypse. The Goat Simulator MMO Simulator version where they can participate in an authentic MMORPG with character system, quest system … all of which are similar to a true MMORPG. You will not regret spending money to own the expanded version of the game where they will take your experience to a new level.


Goat Simulator has a very realistic and realistic 3D graphics format, buildings, plants, ripples … are all done extremely well. Players can enjoy the truth in every detail of the game.

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The effect of the game is extremely smooth, players will not feel any lag when playing the game at all. Even when the explosion is strong and blows the goat to another place, the effect is very smooth and vivid. The sound in the game is very meticulously integrated so that the player can get the best experience possible.

Download Goat Simulator now to have great relaxing moments with our goat.


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