Game Golden Frontier: Farm Adventures
Publisher Enixan
Genre Simulation
Size 47M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Gems/Cois
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Update January 7, 2020 (1 year ago)

Farm games are always rated as one of the most popular games on the app store. There are now a lot of farm games developed into different types of simulation games, making it lose the elements inherent in the work of farmers who live quietly and happily in the vast countryside. So you want to find a farm game with bold elements that above, through this game will be a perfect choice for you that is Golden Frontier: Farm Adventures. Developed by Enixan, a gaming company that always gives players many farm games with different genres but still retains the core of a farm game on both IOS and Android operating systems. Since its debut, Golden Frontier: Farm Adventures has also received positive reviews as well as an enthusiastic welcome from many players who love this farm game. With eye-catching graphics as well as attractive gameplay, the game promises to let players experience an agricultural life of cowboys in the Wild West, the United States and the journey of gold mining in the areas of my farm are very interesting.


Just like other farm games, Golden Frontier: Farm Adventures is also highly entertaining that will definitely give players many exciting moments in their spare time. The game begins with an unexpected situation where our character is resting on a boat that runs along the river when he suddenly sees a waterfall and is washed away to a farm in the forest. It is from here that the player will be assigned to manage this farm from Clyde and Mary, the owner of the farm, and from there the player will begin to experience his country life through his daily work. Players will transform into a genuine farmer here and do everyday tasks such as planting a variety of fruits, harvesting fields, feeding cattle and harvesting eggs and milk,…

From the materials that I harvest will be used to get rich by producing items that the task is given to trade, fulfill different orders as well as buy more fields or livestock from which build and redecorate their farms become more and more lively and attractive. The most interesting thing about the game is that players can differentiate gold from the gold mines hidden in the forest and harvest wood from the trees to increase the land area for the farm as well as gain many minerals and precious materials. The game also allows players to unleash their own curiosity when exploring the hidden places in this forest and encounter species living in this forest such as bears, foxes, rabbits, …


The game offers many extremely attractive features that give players a lot of exciting

Gaming experiences that allow players to experience a life filled with many fascinating and diverse elements in the world. this wild and vast west. Build your dream farm by building many ways in which rice fields, farms filled with healthy animals and various facilities to invite many passers-by can stop for a rest right at his farm. Trade and exchange goods from the materials harvested from the farm thereby enriching oneself to unlock many different facilities. Expand and explore the many different regional locations found in this vast and mysterious forest. Use your creativity to redecorate your farm to become more attractive and lively in the eyes of others. The game pays special attention to the adventures of players in discovering and exploiting lost gold mines in the forest itself and becoming a tycoon of the mine.


The game uses a 2D graphics layer with an extremely impressive color scheme and eye-catching players from the first experience of the game. The scene is modeled on a farm hidden in a forest filled with colorful trees, creating a picture of colorful natural scenery filled with vitality and attractiveness of the Wild West. wild. With an extremely lightweight configuration that interacts well with all operating systems to help players can witness the scenery in the game in a superior way, creating a sense of comfort to enjoy the game in a more enjoyable way. With what the Golden Frontier: Farm Adventures brings, surely this will be a farm game that you cannot ignore. What are you waiting for, but not quickly download to your computer to enjoy the feeling of living in a fascinating Western world?

MOD Info?

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Items/Resources
  • Unlimited Energy