Game Golf Rush

Game Golf Rush
Publisher Ten Square Games: Sport Hunting and Fishing Games
Genre Simulation
Size 103M
Latest Version 0.142
MOD Info Always Your Turn
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Update March 28, 2020 (12 months ago)

Golf is a sport that was born a long time ago, and this is a very famous sport with a lot of participants in the world. This is a sport that was known in the 15th century, and until now, it is still a discipline with a lot of players. But not everyone can play this game, because every time you play, the player needs to come to a huge yard to play. But to satisfy the needs of the players, a mini-golf was born, and it is very close to players around the world. So there are already sports simulation games to be able to cater to those who want to have a gaming experience right on the phone.

The game I’m talking about is the Golf Rush: Mini Golf game, this is a game produced by Ten Square Games. This is a company specializing in developing games of the simulation genre and has been liked by many players. Coming to this game, the player will receive a lot of great experiences in this subject.


This is a game that simulates mini golf, so the gameplay is similar to it in real life. All players need to do is use their fingers to touch the ball, then pull the fingers and release to hit the ball. In this game, the player’s task is to hit the ball to the correct hole to win. It sounds easy, but it will be difficult for the player to master all of what is in the game, the player will have to be very careful to calculate the force to be able to create a perfect shot. If the player hits too hard, the ball will go too far beyond the playing field, and then the player will have to start from the beginning. But if the player does not hit hard enough, the ball will not be able to fall into the hole for the player to win.

So in this game, the control factor is significant, but it will be challenging to do that. If players want to calculate correctly, players need to spend a lot of time playing games to accumulate experience and draw out the most reasonable calculations. In this game, not only stop there, but there are many different challenges that players will have to overcome if they want to win.


Mode 1 vs. 1

In the game, besides the regular stages, there will be where players will experience the match with other players. When players are in this mode, everything will be somewhat similar to a race, when the player tries to put his ball into the hole. In this mode, the speed is indispensable, but besides that, players will also need technical factors; please combine the two and win.


A golf game is indispensable for today’s top competition kits, such as golf-club, golf glove, golf ball, and many other things for players to use. Use these to make you win the game.


The game has an extremely realistic 3D graphics format, giving players the best experience.

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