Game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Size 1.5GB
Latest Version 1.09
MOD Info Money/Ammo/Full Game
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OS Android Games

If anyone is a big fan of the action game or adventure of the open-world then probably you will know and the famous and top-rated Grand Theft Auto game series of big boss Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto has imprinted in the player’s memory not only lies in the bloody and theatrical action scenes, but also appeals to the players by the element of adventure, driving, role-playing in the names of gangsters, and perform actions that simulate real events in the United States. Although the game has received a lot of controversy about containing adult content and is quite violent (limited to players over 18+), the game still attracts a large number of players around the world.

Most successful games in the GTA series

Although it has released about 15 different versions of both the Main Series and the Expansion Series, none of them is profitable and resonant for the game developer Rockstar. And typical of them is GTA Vice City, although the game has been released for a long time, the mark that it brings has not diminished, especially for long-time gamers. And until recently, the game was released on mobile platforms. It can be said that this is an excellent opportunity for fans of the game Grand Theft Auto to have the opportunity to return to the years of memories and to accompany Tommy Vercetti – a Mafia have just released from jail.


Basically, Vice City was inspired by American culture in the 1980s. The context of the game began in 1986, and Vice City is a fictional city based on Miami City in real life. The story revolves around Tommy Vercetti. He is a member of the notorious Mafia Forelli family organisation, has just been discharged 15 years in prison for 11 murders. The former owner of Tommy – a mafia boss Sonny Forelli, feared his presence in Liberty City would affect his operations in this city.

Therefore, Sony sent Tommy to Vice City under the supervision of mafia lawyer Ken Rosenberg to buy drugs. However, in the transaction between Tommy and two drug dealers (Vance brothers) at the pier, an ambush by an unknown third party led to the death of the bodyguards who followed Tommy and both drug seller Victor Vance. Luckily to escape, Tommy reported to Sony about the ambush. Sony was so angry that he forced Tommy to recover the money. Tommy promised to find the money and drugs again, and at the same time, search for the guys behind. Stepping into the world of Vice City, you and Tommy will perform tasks and dramatic action scenes contributing to elevating the status of the main character to a higher level in the criminal underworld.

Style play

Unlike the time when GTA Vice City was developed on the PC/Console platform, the game is now widely available to many gamers present on the mobile phone platform. That’s why the way to control the character in Vice City has changed a few and is a bit different. Instead of controlling the character with the keyboard or the controller handles, now every function to control the character, Tommy has been built on the screen. Like the vast majority of action RPGs available on the market, players will have to learn how to control the character through the Virtual Keys system including a move button, and a number of other functional buttons. Because the game is combined with many other actions such as driving, driving a helicopter, … the control buttons system will also be changed.

Do everything you want in the open world

If Tommy is walking, only a scroll button, spot key, attack/shoot key and Run faster button will appear on the screen. But when the player controls the vehicle, everything will have a little different change. Instead of using the normal travel function key to control a car or a motorbike, you can only control three buttons including Move Forward/Backward, and Handbrake button to Drift the car. If you want the car to be able to turn, the gamer has to tilt his phone similar to racing games like “Asphalt”. However, most of these control function keys can be changed depending on the player’s wishes.

Vehicle and visual people

The game has excellent gameplay, besides completing the storyline and opening new areas, players can freely go around and do everything they like. Basically, this is a common feature of the Grand Theft Auto series of games, but until now, not many games have such compelling performance. Players can rob cars, moto, ships, and even helicopters, not only that you can cause chaos across the city by shooting, robbing banks,… Of course, all of these actions will attract the attention of the police, FBI and national guards. This point contributes to the appeal, authenticity of a real action game. However, the police protest actions also caused a particular obstacle in the missions. Ideally, the player should not be aggressive with the police unless you really want to.


Besides making the storyline and adventure, as usual, all the GTA games have a rich and varied cheat code. In GTA Vice City, players can disable the police attention, summon a vehicle, gun cheat, armour, and many other attractive cheat codes. In addition, the game also possesses the ability to buy some real estate around the city. Some are auxiliary bases, which provide weapons, checkpoints, and garages. Others are businesses called Assets that help with plot tasks such as eliminating competitors or stealing equipment.

In addition to the main missions, there are also additional missions, including delivering pizza, taking an ambulance to transport the victim to a hospital, using a fire engine to put out the fire, using a taxi to carry passengers, Use a police car to catch a criminal or become a bus driver to transport passengers. Although these features do not really bring many applications or influence the plot, this is still the feature that makes the game more compelling than ever. And many other cool features make Vice City one of the most attractive games of all time.


Although GTA Vice City is a 3D game released in 2002, with the game engine technology refined from “GTA III”, the game’s graphics are still stunning. Bring in the style of racing, shooting in the 3rd perspective, players can feel a vast open-world. From physical structures to the movements of people, vehicles, scenes, … all bring experiences that satisfy long-time gamers. Not only that, the lighting effects, but the colours of the scene also look extraordinarily brilliant and eye-catching. In addition, the expressions of the characters in the game are also a plus point. It is these factors that make the whole story of the game come alive than ever.


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