Game Granny: Chapter Two

Game Granny: Chapter Two
Publisher DVloper
Genre Arcade
Size 88M
Latest Version 1.1.9
MOD Info Dumb Bot
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Update January 21, 2021 (2 months ago)

If you are a loyal fan of horror games and like the thrill and excitement, you have come to the right place. Introducing the game Granny: Chapter Two. Produced and published by the game publisher DVloper, a publisher has released a series of horror games on mobile platforms such as Granny, Slendrina… this is a series of horror games with the connection with each other and get a lot of attention from the players. The game was launched following the success of part 1 with many new attractions that attract players. The game has only been released for gamers but has received positive feedback from gamers, such as up to 100 thousand downloads and nearly 3 thousand reviews and comments, including many compliments of gamers for the gameplay attract players through each thrilling stunt that the game brings. The game is also highly rated, up to 4.9* on Google Play. The above parameters have shown the attraction of players as well as the exciting excitement that the game brings to attract players. Download now to feel the horror that the game brings will make you have to stand up all your hair.


The classic graphic style of the horror game series is still enough to make you fall into a state of fear, excitement, and suspense.

Although it is produced in the style of 3D graphics, it has been simplified by the manufacturer as Pixels to increase the horror and scary of the game, the graphics in the game are straightforward angles. Players will play at the first perspective to easily immerse the character honestly to feel the fear. As for the context of the game, the player will be waking up in an abandoned bungalow amid a desolate forest at night. The bungalow only glimmered a little at the last light of the long day and the dim lights in the middle of the night. The wooden house is ancient very old with creaking sounds every time you take a step, the furniture is also very old and if you want to win the game. You must hide in the house for five days without being captured under the pursuit of Granny and Grandpa.

The most important thing is not to make any noise if you do not want to encounter Granny. She can hear everything happening in her neighborhood so remember not to drop anything. The effects in the game have also been greatly simplified such as gore effects, shooting … are simplified, but not only does this make the game less attractive, it is also what makes the creepy, horrible game. The sound in the game is a gloomy and scary style, suspense and drama; the smashes are released, the breaths of exhaustion from exhaustion are incredibly vivid and pure. No need for a terrible graphic, no need for gimmicky effects, the above has made the brand of a popular horror game.

Granny: Chapter Two is the sequel to the first Granny game that also has new features added as well.


Unlike the loneliness in part 1, now Granny has an additional companion on the way to hunt and eat those young men is Grandpa, an old man and also as Granny and Grandpa’s husband. They were all crazy after the mysterious disappearance of the daughter and granddaughter that the two loved the most. After that loss, they no longer lived in their castle and locked themselves in an abandoned house in the middle of a wilderness and remote forest. Grandpa doesn’t have the ability to hear as well as Granny, but once he’s caught, he hurts quite a bit. Grandpa is added to increase the difficulty of the game, and the player can choose only one or two in the game screen to increase fear and excitement.


With the accessories, you find in the game such as hammers, guns, keys … when you wake up on the 3rd day in the basement you will need a hammer to break the door, and a gun is an item that will help for you very much in the process of fleeing. If you hit Granny or Grandpa, they will have to be motionless within 3 seconds. That time will be your most valuable time to be able to flee elsewhere before they wake up and continue hunting for you. The scary and scary experience is what a horror game must-have, this Granny: Chapter Two will bring you those feelings.

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  • Characters are invincible


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