Game Granny Legend
Publisher Fastone Games
Genre Arcade
Size 78M
Latest Version 1.1.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 22, 2020 (8 months ago)

Who do you think can become a hero? Man? Youth? Women? People with superpowers? So what if that person is … your grandmother? The story that seemed to be a joke became the inspiration for Fastone Games to create one of the unique games. Grandmother – a seeming gentlewoman who became the protagonist of Granny Legend. It is believed that it will become a phenomenon in the gaming market today. What about the other look of his grandmother?

Simple graphics, catchy sound, simple gameplay

To speak graphically, Granny Legend doesn’t really stand out when it comes to just one perspective. From the top down it is quite boring, but not so that the game’s graphics are bad. In fact, having that perspective has been a disadvantage of the publisher when it is not possible to show all the unique beauty of the game. The characters’ characters are not too attractive, but in return, they are straightforward to see, even children can recognize what kind of animal is it … In addition, the game’s background has its own charm, also though it is a minor element, but it is incredibly useful in highlighting the main character. The combination of extremely excellent makes the overall look not too eye-catching, but the main factors will undoubtedly make it difficult for players to take their eyes off.

Another factor that makes the game deemed worthy of play is the sound itself. When the sound of a knife being released when attacking an enemy really sounds good and makes the player feel that the knives are really sharp. In terms of music, catchy soundtrack with fast tempo always makes players have to enjoy the experience. And that will certainly be a resonant factor to create a sense of curiosity for players throughout the journey through the levels from easy to intricate. Every melody controls the emotions. In terms of gameplay, the game is straightforward to play. With a series of spinning knives ready to attack the enemy. All you need to do is attack small monsters with your weapons, dodging when there are not enough knives to destroy them. Along the way, you will have enough time to collect additional weapons for combat. The game is easy to play but to complete all the levels is not easy at all when the higher the level, the more challenging, the harder. With the money earned, you can completely upgrade the number of weapons available to make the game interesting.

Viewing angle makes the experience of the protagonist become incomplete

Despite the advantages of motif and gameplay, but with an unfavorable perspective also makes the perception of images and authenticity possible. Although it was the optimal viewing angle for gaming, it was still something lacking compared to its brothers. The ability to upgrade and change the appearance of the main character makes the player somewhat confusing and frustrated when unable to contemplate those figures in the most comprehensive way, maybe just to satisfy their power.

The stability of the game is also a big question mark when many players say that the levels they try to overcome have lost all data. That means they have to play from the beginning with the boring challenges. The harder the day level makes not everyone be patient enough to once again pass through all the levels. Along with that, unlocking items also causes players to have a headache for the same reason.

But overall, Granny Legend is still a good name in your game cabinet

Overall, in terms of visuals, though not too excellent but at least have fulfilled its role – helping the hero. We will become more prominent, and at the same time, focus more on the mission. Along with that is an extremely creative idea that will surely make players have to be extremely excited when making the character. She is considered the most gentle in each family but become the strong heroes in the task of destroying monsters. The old woman keeps security for the city. Highly appreciated, winged compliments are also factors that you do not need to consider much on whether to bring “Granny Legend” to your phone or not. The game is released on both Android and iOS operating systems, does not require too high configuration, and does not account for much will make the experience of this game completely easy. The game is suitable for all ages, so the experience and relaxation with your family will not be better when you can play with your children.