Game Happy Mall Story: Sim Game

Game Happy Mall Story: Sim Game
Publisher Happy Labs
Genre Simulation
Size 27MB
Latest Version 2.3.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money/XP/Free Upgrade
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Files March 10, 2021 (3 days ago)

Happy Mall Story is a game that uses the shopping environment and the structure of the shopping malls to develop the gameplay and content within them. Moreover, the game itself belongs to entertainment simulation, and that genre always gives players useful knowledge about a particular field or object. The diversity coming from the simulation genre has made the library and market richer, and many games are ready to apply various themes to entertain players. This game’s impressive thing is the endless gameplay, lovely graphics, and many friendly features that give players access to a giant shopping mall’s management. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond


The game’s main content is to give players the most entertaining experience in managing a mall developed with their style. Along with that is a wealth of great content, such as small stores, events, and services that players can build in the mall. Moreover, players can coordinate with other companies, rent the space, and create various income sources. The mall’s management mechanism is unique and user-friendly, making it easy for players of all ages to access it and explore everything. The player can change almost everything in the mall, like the architectural design, color, style, and stores’ location. The player’s goal is to create a bustling commercial district and give people everything in the world. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond-1


Inside most of the malls they are huge and divided into different areas, and players can choose to build their stores or sign contracts with another company. When people go into the shopping malls, they will easily find the most familiar and famous stores globally. Meanwhile, each place’s income level is entirely different, depending on the architecture and the player’s conditions while managing the mall. Furthermore, as the player continually expands the mall, the game will propose various construction contracts. The profits earned from them will continue to increase, giving the player more opportunities to grow. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond-1-1


Happy Mall Story is so popular because it allows players to customize all the small retail stores in the mall. The player can build the malls with many small stores inside them, and the style or type of store is evenly divided into different floors or areas for easy navigation for customers. The same with the store and all of them are divided into different categories for players to build. However, each store needs to be built in the compatibility area specified in the mall. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond-1-1-1


All the player’s stores can be easily customized and renovated, such as interiors, colors, locations, and more. The stores’ design brings a more lively and entertaining feel to the players in this game, as each store type has its unique style, making a big contribution to making the whole mall feel more exciting and vivid. The game will even come with a furniture store to enjoy exploring and finding all the right options. The small stores’ customization will affect shoppers’ mood and give players many benefits when managing the mall with their style. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond-1-1-1-1


A shopping mall must partner with other companies to continuously create engaging events or programs to attract more customers. That feature will randomly take place, but everything is done under the player’s supervision. With its impressive events, it will boost shopper traffic to the mall in no time. That will improve the mall’s sales and give the player many great benefits in commercial management. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond-1-1-1-1-1


Happy Mall Story continuously updates new content to delight players in expanding the mall and decorating all of their stores under their management. Moreover, players can easily move all the stores to different areas to expand or build new areas to satisfy shoppers. Not only that, but players can build many different stores, making the mall more vibrant and bringing rich vitality for players. happy-mall-story-sim-game-mod-unlimited-diamond-1-1-1-1-1-1 Happy Mall Story is a genuine and entertaining management simulation game; it also uses a friendly and cute graphics engine and funny expressions to make the mall bustling. The game also updates countless content continuously and broadens the player’s choice of building stores, even the opportunity to expand the mall to delight endless shoppers.


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