Game Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Game Harry Potter Magic Awakened
Publisher NetEase, Warner Bros
Genre Adventure
Latest Version Coming soon
Update July 23, 2020 (8 months ago)

The magical world of Harry Potter has made many people excited. This makes people want to continue to enjoy the products related to this brand. Basically, we can enjoy lots of games, Youtube contents, Fan-fictions… which are contributed by many people. However, to enjoy a product built correctly and professionally, it is much more difficult. In response to fans’ expectations, Netease released a game called Harry Potter Magic Awakened. This is a product in close cooperation with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This is a guarantee for the player about the quality of both images and content of this game already.

Opening with a whole new story, but the adventure is very familiar

This is strange, but it is true because the player will not play Harry Potter. Playing that character is actually an old and boring, so “Harry Potter Magic Awakened” needs a change. Players will participate in the game as a completely new character. The starting point of the game is calculated after the second witch war ends. Players will start studying at Hogwarts and try to become a powerful witch like his seniors.

Although there is a major change in the main character, such as the game will not make fans disappointed. Because, in fact, this character is not too big a difference from Harry Potter except his appearance. This boy still goes through the first steps to enter the school, still meets the familiar teachers, still has to go through the same challenges as in the story, … You will be yourself immersively in the story and fight in the world of Harry Potter.

Familiar genre but brings excitement

Harry Potter Magic Awakened using the very familiar game genre only. It is a mobile RPG card game. Players will control their characters fighting through summon cards. Regarding the mechanism, players will have to summon a team of 3-4 people fully to fight. They will be shown strength through a card arranged at the bottom of the screen. On it will show familiar stats such as HP, MP, ATK, DEF, … While constantly fighting, these characters will be able to unleash powerful spells they have learned in class. To do this, you just need to touch the cards and use them. But please note that each character only has a certain amount of MP. Using skills wisely can overcome challenges in the least hurtful way.

The system of characters in the game is also nicely designed, conveying the right content shown in the famous series. You will have to fight a huge orc in the toilet, 3-headed Cerberus monster guarding the gate, Dragon, and other magical creatures. Each of them has different characteristics that you need to explore. Just by capturing their weaknesses, you will be able to win.

Many locations are built in accordance with the original

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is actually a collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment should not be too strange when it has extremely high image quality. Join the game. Players can still go to the magic grocery store and buy items that are so famous in the story. Alternatively, take the train through King’s Cross station and Platform 9 ¾. Every place you go through will leave unforgettable memories, right? After enrolling, you will be gathered at the cozy hall of Hogwarts and listen to Dumbledore’s speech, assigned by the witch hat.

Designed in 3D, the colour is like the story

When participating in the game, the player will immediately be overwhelmed by this world. Nearly everything is carefully designed with the perfect shape. The things you imagine will be experienced on your own in a beautifully redesigned magical world. The colour of the game also varies according to each adventure but generally still bold European medieval European nuances. In addition, the attractive sounds, along with the theme soundtracks, make the game perfect for fans.


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