Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.1.3
MOD Info Unlocked
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OS Android Games is the Farming Arcade game, and it has a lot of things for players to experience and enjoy. This game also allows players to play online with others and compete on the ability to reap in the field. Moreover, this game is very fast-paced, so players will never be bored, and can join with friends or family.


The game has simple and not too complicated gameplay. Players will control the harvesters and join a server with nine other people. The playground will be a vast field currently in the process of harvesting, and players will use the harvester and reap everything. The player must harvest as much as possible, as the game will have a ranking system based on the percentage of fields the player has reaped. The whole field will be 100%, and the last one to win the most is the winner. This game also allows players to eliminate each other in the process of harvesting and taking everything off the enemy. That’s right; a person with a total of 10% of the process can take down someone with 40% and occupy all that pile.

To defeat the opponent, the player will use the trailers behind the harvester, the more the player reaps, the longer their length will increase. Anyone who touches that part will be knocked out and dropped everything. The game is also a very suitable game to challenge the flexibility, the player must predict the opponent’s next direction and cut them. However, the player will fail if he crashes himself or the opponent. The game will end until there is only one survivor. Every time a player ends a match, their achievement will be summed up to unlock the next level. The next level will expand the area of ​​the field, and appear more opponents. It is an exciting feature to satisfy the aggressiveness of the player, destroy or be destroyed, which is the only rule of this game, and the player must survive.

With the large number of players participating in a field, the color of the reaper will be completely random, and the player cannot change the reaper or its color. Even this game does not have an upgrade system to keep the balance of the game and only emphasize the fairness and humor to satisfy the player. If you are looking for an arcade game to entertain in a short time, then “” will be a perfect choice for you.


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