Game Harvest Master: Farm Sim

Game Harvest Master: Farm Sim
Publisher RhinoGearz
Genre Simulation
Size 26M
Latest Version 1.1.1
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Update April 15, 2019 (2 years ago)

When people’s lives have too many jobs that require them to solve, they will be easy Easy to stress, cause fatigue and want to find somewhere peaceful. Many people once wished that they wanted a small farm on the outskirts of the city. They can enjoy the joy of working with their loved ones and live a peaceful, quiet, smoke-free life. If you’ve ever had such a desire, there’s no reason to ignore the Harvest Master: Farm Sim. This game is the farm style that you are looking for in your free time.


Harvest Master: Farm Sim builds a context in a peaceful little countryside, located on the outskirts of the city. Your uncle seems to be suffering from a severe illness, even though he borrowed a lot of money to treat it, but the sickness was not much better. Before you lose, your uncle has a wish that he wants you to continue to grow this farm. That’s all your grandfather left, and he didn’t want to lose it. Nowhere, as the owner of the farm. You will become a real farmer, and make the farm more and more open. At the same time, you also have to earn enough money to pay for your previous debts. It is difficult, but can you do it?

Manage your farm

In the game Harvest Master: Farm Sim, you will become a real farmer. You are taken to a small village, where the neighbors and farms you inherit from your uncle. Here, you will start your farming and raising livestock. To start growing, you need to make soil, seed, and care for them, while they are in development. The store sells a wide variety of seeds, and each has a growing period, as well as different harvest yields for you to choose.

Moreover, the game also has a feature of crops. There will be 4 seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn, winter and every season, there are only a few types of plants that can grow, slowly learn. Besides farming, you can also raise other types of livestock and poultry. You go to Daniel; he is the owner of the animal farm. Here, you can trade with him, and buy some pets such as cows, chickens, and sheep. Animal husbandry is also quite simple, bringing you a big profit.

If sometimes you want to be entertained, you can temporarily put the work of a farmer back to go shopping, take fishing trips, talk to friendly neighbors around the house, or attend ceremonies. The festival is held annually. Harvest Master: Farm Sim also allows players to date, or marry any person you love. If you want to focus on making money, then in addition to the work of farmers, you can also participate in the processes of mining ore, silver, gold, and diamonds. Then, bring the currency you earn to the smithy and train them into valuable objects. They will give you a lot of money.

Start dating then get married

Harvest Master: Farm Sim is an exciting game. Although it is called a farm game, you can do more than that in this game. In this small countryside, you not only enjoy the peaceful atmosphere but also meet with many interesting characters. Discover it yourself


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