Game Heart’s Medicine Hospital Heat

Game Heart’s Medicine Hospital Heat
Publisher GameHouse Original Stories
Genre Casual
Size 160M
Latest Version 67
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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Update July 20, 2020 (8 months ago)

Heart’s Medicine Hospital Heat is the name for the third instalment of the popular game series Heart’s Medicine with entirely new gameplay and a dramatic storyline for players. The Heart’s Medicine series is one of the series that simulates the work of a dedicated doctor while adding a bit of romance to the plot. Compared to the previous games, instead of allowing the player to enjoy a healthy environment and emphasizing the plot, the third part is completely different. In this part, players will witness dramatic scenes, climax, and thrill in the rescue of other patients. In other words, in this section, it will emphasize gameplay and expand it so that players have more entertainment. But the game will also focus on a perfect plot, allowing players to freely build the life of Dr. Heart the way they like it.

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The gameplay of Hospital Heat will be more dramatic, stimulating, and more in-depth than previous installments. New players will enjoy the unique and new mini-games to save the lives of patients while being entangled in a love triangle or touching in the journey of Dr. Heart. The exciting thing in this section is that players will also have the opportunity to explore the tragic past of Dr. Heart, and the reason why she became a doctor. In the previous sections, the game has not focused on character exploitation thoroughly, and it only emphasizes the element of romance or interaction with other characters. But this part is different, and it will bring players different scenes, events, and secrets that are hidden inside everyone. From there, players will make the best decisions to build a happy life for Dr. Heart.


The game is built with story-based gameplay mechanics, so players will both enjoy the storyline, and enjoy the game’s other entertainment simultaneously. The plot will automatically bring players to different situations, meet many people, complete challenges, etc., and give players a true experience of a doctor. Moreover, during free-time, players can move around to interact with the environment. Players can chat with patients, colleagues, or other side characters to develop a relationship. The supporting characters often play a significant role in the life of Dr. Heart, and that depends on the player’s decision. Fate, relationship, and personality of Dr. Heart can be changed entirely by the player’s choices. So players can arbitrarily build character Dr. Heart in whatever direction they like.

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Heart’s Medicine is a hospital simulation game, so it will have exciting features to make gameplay more entertaining for players. While enjoying the story, players can enjoy some challenges of the game. These challenges are diverse in many aspects, even playstyle, but in the end, they have a lot of great rewards for the player if completed successfully. The same goes for the player’s hospital, which can be very widely developed, and has more options for players to design it. The rewards received from the challenge can be used in hospital development. Players can expand hospitals, improve equipment, and upgrade the quality to recover patients quickly. Moreover, a clean and high-class hospital will make patients more satisfied and have more affection for the players.


While the player is rescuing the patient, the game will appear some mini-games to increase entertainment and realism for the player. If the player completes these mini-games, the patient will be saved, and even there will be huge rewards for the player. The game will rely on the player’s process to build situations and mini-games, thereby making the gameplay itself more diverse and impressive than ever. Patients after being rescued will be transferred to the player’s hospital. Their healing speed can be sped up if the player regularly visits them while chatting and receiving some useful lessons. The game not only focuses on gameplay and improves it, but also has more lessons, meanings, and complicated emotions to improve the player’s experience.

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Hospital Heat focuses on gameplay development, but it still has a romantic element for players to develop Dr. Life. Heart. The supporting characters in previous games may or may not appear in this section, and the new characters will be very diverse in personality, appearance, and attitude. Players will have to build relationships with all people, and change their attitude towards Dr. Heart based on action. Players can also develop each person’s feelings, and thereby making the plot more interesting. Of course, the game will also have many plot twists and some emergencies that make the player make a decision immediately.

If you are a lover of romance or want to experience the work of Dr. Heart, come to the “Heart’s Medicine” series and discover all the stories of Dr. Heart


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