Game Hello Hero: Epic Battle

Game Hello Hero: Epic Battle
Publisher Fincon
Genre RPG
Size 725 MB
Latest Version 3.3.2
MOD Info HP/Attack
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is a super awesome 3D graphics game that will be available on Facebook for mobile players from around the world. The game has now opened for pre-registration and players in Southeast Asia have been able to experience this game before. The European version will probably be available in a few months.

Will legend come back?

The game was developed by Fincom – the father of popular names on mobile platforms and webs like Hello Hero or Angle Stone. Besides, the game is known as the elf of Hello Hero – a blockbuster raining on Facebook with more than 20 million downloads. This is the next product under the hands of developers from Korea beautiful country. With the original Hello Hero: Epic Battle has a whole new storyline, the game’s context will be 15 years later than the first version. So, everything is new, but the substance to build the brand name Hello Hero is still the same.

Like many card games, card collectors are available on the market today. Hello Hero: Epic Battle will also give us hundreds of unique options that are different heroes. You can choose to train and train so that they can become powerful heroes. But the highlight of the game is that the heroes are built on the different plot. Each one has its unique origins and strengths that are unmatched by anyone else.

A fun strategy game

The difference is that the game is better than the current one on the market that is “portrait mode.” This mode allows players to customize and track their characters in all directions. Besides, players can freely customize their characters using the outfits available in the store including hats, glasses, wings, or even pets … Also for a reason This battlefield of Hello Hero: Epic Battle will be different colors.

The remarkable upgrade of this game is the number of heroes that have risen to 100. So players can freely choose the heroes they love. Also, each hero has different strengths and characteristics. Players can also coordinate costumes to make heroes more special. To be able to own all heroes in Hello Hero: Epic Battle is a pretty hard thing. However, be patient because after each win you will receive a certain amount of bonuses. Use this money to buy the heroes you love.

Cute graphics

On graphics, the game uses the glossy 3D design language; all characters are drawn in lovely cartoon style. So the game will be suitable for all ages. Besides, attacks and items are also meticulously crafted. Create a sense of luxury in the experience. The sound of each battle will sound, giving every player a sense of excitement. Another useful information is that Fincom has teamed up with many toy dealers around the world to sell beautiful modeling products. Get them right if you have a chance.

Sum up

The game is expected to be released worldwide in more than 150 countries in more than 13 popular languages. What’s even better is that Southeast Asian gamers are the first to experience the great game before other areas. Players can pre-register at to put their name on the Hello Hero: Epic Battle APK from today. There are currently over 10,000 registered games available. Quickly register to receive great offers from the publisher.

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