Game Hero Siege: Pocket Edition

Game Hero Siege: Pocket Edition
Publisher Panic Art Studios
Genre RPG
Size 550M
Latest Version 5.3.8
MOD Info Unlimited Diamond
Get it On Google Play
File [Hero Siege: Pocket- 5.3.8 – MOD V1 ] Download
[Hero Siege: Pocket- 5.3.8 – MOD V2 ] Download

If you play a gamer, you definitely cannot forget the game Diablo – a legend of the game world. This game has attracted many players around the world come to experience the game. But that’s just in the past; now it’s hard for users to get back to a game that can bring the same experience. But that’s only before the game Hero Siege: Pocket Edition has not been released for players to experience. Now with the release of this game, players have an opportunity to experience the same thing once again. Indeed, with what the game brings to the player, the player will get an excellent gaming experience.

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)

Hack ‘n’ Slash game with roguelike- & RPG elements

The continent Tarethiel is home to a lot of mysterious events, and magical power is something that is not something so strange. Thinking that everything is happening peacefully, but everything is not as peaceful as what people are thinking. Below the continent’s underground, a group of monks gathered four pieces of amulets to awaken a monster and carry out their evil plan. If no one could stop them before the completed ritual was, the beast would destroy all humans.

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)

Many characters to selection

Before participating in the game, the player needs to have a character to be able to start the game. The game has up to 16 different characters for players to choose and start their journey. But only eight of them are players that can choose from the beginning of the game; the remaining players need to unlock them on their journey. Whenever players can restart their journey with a different character to get new experiences. But if the player wants to return to the old character, the player just needs to select the character again; the game will save everything so that the player does not have to start again. There are many slots for players to use another character to play the game.

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)

Search for powerful equipment

Like many other role-playing games, the game also has a diverse system of equipment for users to use. That equipment will be excellent support for players in their journey. Users can search for such equipment by destroying monsters or bosses in the game. They are divided into different levels, and the higher the level, the stronger the equipment, in order of Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, and Satanic. All items that the user has looted will be stored in the player’s inventory, and will not disappear unless you throw them away.

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)

Playing online with up to four people

Playing games is an exciting thing, but if playing with your friends, it is even more exciting. So the application has created an online mode so that users can play games with their friends. Players who only use the same wifi network can freely play games with their friends, and up to four people can play together. When you with friends, the player will be easier to complete the game because of the help of his friends.


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