Game Hidden Objects

Game Hidden Objects
Genre Casual, Logic
Size 160M
Latest Version 1.3.26
MOD Info Unlimited Hint
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Update March 7, 2021 (6 days ago)

The video game industry’s puzzle genre has been offering players a wealth of benefits and entertainment lately. They have evolved into many different styles, with various gameplay and rules, making the player’s intelligence intensely stimulated. The puzzle genre gives players fascinating entertainment and increases their IQ or the ability to handle situations. The most popular type of puzzle so far is the search for the requested object. A game of that genre is Hidden Objects, with simple and friendly gameplay, uses authentic graphics to outline objects, and players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

Hidden Objects (MOD, Unlimited Hint) ***


The object search puzzle genre has been around for a long time in the video game industry and has appeared on every platform like PC, Android, and iOS. The gameplay of the genre is simple but requires the player to be very observant to find the required items. Furthermore, that type of puzzle is friendly to everyone, suitable for all ages, and can be developed into many other variants to entertain players. “Hidden Objects” has gameplay that is an item-finding puzzle, but it uses high-quality visual graphics, giving it a genuine feel, and the player can interact with any item. That game will bring item hunting to a new level and entertain players with its challenging levels.

Hidden Objects (MOD, Unlimited Hint) ***


Hidden Objects will take players worldwide, with hundreds of challenges and countless items waiting to be discovered. The player’s task is simple: to find the objects required by the game, but things are not as simple as they want. Each challenge will be held in a different location, with all items related to culture or the environment, creating a genuine feeling for the player. Finding items is not as easy as you think, but a black coat will hide all the required items. Based on their appearance, the player must search for compatible items; every time they find items compatible with the black shape, tap on them to collect. Keep repeating that process until all the items have been collected to end the challenge.


Hidden Objects has a completely different mechanism from games with similar gameplay, interacting with the environment searching for hidden items. Instead of tapping on the surface items, players can hold and move any object they want to reveal the items below. Furthermore, users can open cabinets, rooms, desk drawers, and anything that can hold small items to find the required items. The interactive environment function in Hidden Objects is honored, as it gives the player a lot of realism despite the gameplay limitations.

Hidden Objects (MOD, Unlimited Hint) ***


Daily challenges are different from the game’s default challenges, where they have greater difficulty and more rare items. The items will also be thoroughly hidden, and the player will need a great observant to spot the items. The daily challenges will bring players many attractive items, such as costumes for the main character and other collectible items. Almost all the special challenges are meticulously designed and impressive, as they will bring players to a whole new location, with new settings and items for players to find.


Hidden Objects will use the highest quality graphics, even if it is an item finding puzzle game, to give players the best experience possible. The most impressive factor is the location of the challenges taken from high-quality camera photos, which then have undergone a programming segment to make the items look real. That doesn’t usually appear in other object-finding games, as they use simple and player-friendly graphics, and even objects are easy to spot. Hidden Objects ensure that every challenge always gives the player the best feeling thanks to the developer’s top-notch graphics and great programming ability.

Hidden Objects (MOD, Unlimited Hint) ***

Hidden Objects is not just a simple item search puzzle game like any other, but it uses realistic graphics and has impressive gameplay to relax players. Many people think that object search gameplay is boring and time-wasting, but when it comes to Hidden Objects, all those thoughts will disappear. The game will also have a lively interactive environment, helping players interact with objects to find the required items everywhere. If you want to relax by challenging your observation and reasoning skills, this game will be a great experience for you.


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