Game Hitman Sniper Assassins

Game Hitman Sniper Assassins
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Genre Action
Size 540M
Latest Version 0.2.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Ammo
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OS Android Games

Hitman Sniper is a viral and popular game series produced by SQUARE ENIX, the father of many famous games. This series has been released a lot of different games on both PC platforms and mobile platforms. On the PC platform, most recently, players have experienced the second part of this game, which was just released in 2018 to continue the first part. As for the mobile platform, players have only experienced the second part of the game with the name Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins – on the topic of sniping. This game is a small split of the PC version for players to experience. Although only a smaller version, the game still gives players a lot of experience. If you are a fan of this series and like the sneaky action game, this game is something that players should try.

Kill the target

The player will only be transformed into an assassin with the task of killing the targets required by the game. There are many different targets for players to destroy, but it is to destroy in stealth to avoid the capture of enemies. Players only perform the mission alone, and there is no team to support at all. So players need to work quickly, so the enemy does not detect the player. During the game, the player is not allowed to move, because if moving, the enemy will see your position.

Killing enemies in one shot

The player cannot move to avoid being detected. So the player has only one chance to defeat the enemy; if the player does not kill them in a single shot, they will recognize your position. Then the enemy will find a way to attack and take down the player if a bullet hits you, the game ends. Players need to be patient to find the best opportunity to and defeat the enemy in one shot. Then it will be difficult for them to know where the bullet comes from and to avoid the onslaught of enemies.

Diversion of enemies

For an assassin, the player needs to take down the enemy quickly and not let others know. If the player kills one and lets another see it, the game becomes harder to complete. Because at that time, the security has been greatly increased and players will have many difficulties to complete the task. So the player can lure the enemy to an uninhabited place to kill him. Sometimes the player must also know how to take advantage of objects to defeat the enemy. The player can catch, but the chandelier lets it fall and kill the enemies standing below.

Many assassins to chooses

When it comes to the Hitman series, the player will think of the main character image is Agent 47 – the symbolic character of the game series. But this game is not only Agent 47, and there are many other agents for players to use. The agents that the game brings to the player to use are Knight, Stone, and many others. Besides, the game also has a massive arsenal for players to choose and start the quest.


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