Game Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

Game Hollywood Story: Fashion Star
Publisher Nanobit Games
Genre Simulation
Size 103M
Latest Version 10.2.3
MOD Info Diamond/Money
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Update March 4, 2021 (1 week ago)

If you want to be a movie star, this app will be a great game. Hollywood Story is a game by publisher; this game allows you from an amateur actor to become a famous A-list star. Flash-flooded streets, luxury villas, fame, money, and inevitable scandals. Those are the things that you will experience in the game. Build your acting career from scratch, meet with fans, and create trends on social media sites like Tiktok. Download the game and create blockbuster movies that attract viewers to become true Hollywood symbolism.

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This game tells the career history of top Hollywood actresses since the beginning. Each chapter in Hollywood Story represents a part of your character’s life. You will play the role of a young, beautiful girl with outstanding blonde, brown hair, and your mission is to help your character make his dream of being a famous star come true. However, just a beautiful face is not enough. So, to help your girl stand out more, you have to help her change entirely from appearance to personality.

You can create your own character to your liking. Transform your fashion style, change your hairstyle and makeup to be beautiful and gorgeous. The game will have many fashion styles such as glamorous, young, polite, and elegant that you can choose from. Help your girl confidently stride in crowded places.

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When your character has made a particular mark in the audience’s image, help your girl show her abilities through quality cinematic works in Hollywood Story. Your character will have to show off his natural acting talent through various film projects. Initially, let’s work hard and don’t hesitate to audition as a supporting character. Gradually, you will become famous and attract a huge fan base to get the movies’ main roles.

Once you have a certain foothold in the movie world, you can step into many other areas that you love. You can stride skillfully on the famous catwalk and become a top model, representing renowned fashion brands. Let’s step into Showbiz with another field, and you can become a singer with a great voice that captivates many audiences. You can even become a fashion designer and open your own store.

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There is a great thing in Hollywood Story when you become a celebrity; you will have the opportunity to meet the handsome and hot actor and singer. Go to big parties and date those handsome actors. And show off the seductive level of a top female star ready to beat any guy’s heart. If you are not interested in meeting or dating, you can use your free time to relax in the luxurious and luxurious villas.

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However, as a celebrity, you have to accept there will be many scandals. All your actions will be scrutinized and made a topic for the online community to talk about. Get used to being photographed anywhere on the street by other people. So, prepare yourself well when on the road. Although it may not be comfortable, going to the magazine will help you get more fans to enhance your reputation. But with just a little mistake, scandals will strike at any moment.


With your great popularity, you will attract many major media. When you step out in front of the gate, there will be many reporters around you and interviewing you. You will have to prepare yourself for the tabloids. But besides, you can make money thanks to your popularity; you can invade other fields such as modeling, singers, which increase your popularity and help you earn lots of money and live a luxurious life.

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Besides, in Hollywood Story, you will meet many famous friends to increase the relationship and help you with your work. So, you should often go out and watch movies with friends and then share your achievements with them to get more work incentives. You can get to know famous designers and create relationships with them to be represented by their fashion labels.

Hollywood Story is a game for people who have dreams of becoming a celebrity. You will experience the luxurious life of famous actors and create your own fashion brands and perfume brands.

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