Game Home Street

Game Home Street
Publisher Supersolid
Genre Simulation
Size 253M
Latest Version 0.33.2
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Files March 10, 2021 (4 days ago)

Thanks to the cute design and fresh colors am, Home Street has been the smartest choice for players who are interested in home design games. It is a simple and accessible game so suitable for all ages. Both old and young can use this game as a perfect time-killing tool. Basically, when players come to this game, it means they want to build a dream world for themselves. This place will meet everything that wants.


Design a house that expresses your own style

Based on the available foundation that the game has given to you, how to express yourself as the owner of this house. You can keep your designs indoors and add simple décor. Or even if you like, you can extend or remodel your house. As long as you have enough patience as well as a good vision of aesthetics. In addition, you can not only interior design but also can decorate the home layout. This is the face of the house that outsiders will look at to assess the owner’s level.


Art is one thing, and the comfort of this house is a completely different story. You need to make sure you feel good at home. Like you’re going to work for a long, tiring day when you are at home would love to be washed in a relaxing hot tub. After that, there will be interesting entertainment time with a big-screen TV, the modern laptop, or listening to music with the best speakers, … Outsiders looking at her house will have to feel admired.


Design your own personal avatar

In addition to designing a beautiful home, players can also bring their souls into Home Street. That means the house shows its style, even the characters in the game show that it is you. A lot of facial, body, and hair color traits are included in the game for you to customize. Make this character become yourself in the present moment also. Or the design is a perfect character in your imagination also. All of these can be purchased in the game store. Face shapes, eye colors, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, and more all have their own values ​​that you have to trade with money. Also, the most favorite thing is the outfit. In the game, you will have relationships with friends around. On occasions to meet friends, please replace yourself with a new outfit. And if you’re going to a party, make yourself the best you can be.


Create close relationships with friends

As a simulation game, Home Street encourages players to create relationships with people around them. First, when participating in the game, you probably will not pay much attention to the neighbors. All the missions around you make players feel busy. However, when everything is set up properly, you will notice that there are people around you. They will need your help and will certainly come with rewards. Or sometimes you also need people to help you. When you are away, not online. There are things to be done, the neighbors will visit and help you. This is a win-win relationship, where people create solidarity as well as fun.


As mentioned above, in this game there will be home parties held regularly. Sometimes you can go to people’s houses for parties. Or sometimes you invite them to your home. In general, whatever it is, these occasions are a chance for the host to show off his or her accomplishments over the long term. When you go to someone’s house, they can learn about their art style. A beautiful house will make you feel happier.


Many extracurricular activities, not just building houses

In addition to focusing on developing the house as well as yourself, you have many other extra-curricular activities to participate in. The first is that you can join chat rooms where many players gather to talk to each other. You need to reach level 10 to participate in this activity. In general, it is not an important task, but the experience conveyed by others is also extremely helpful during the game. Moreover, you can develop your talent For example becoming an artist, musician, baker, fashion designer, and more! This is truly a dream world where you can do everything you like.


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