Game Homescapes

Game Homescapes
Publisher Playrix Games
Genre Simulation
Size 100MB
Latest Version 4.4.2
MOD Info Unlimited Stars
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Update March 13, 2021 (15 hours ago)

Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars) – Currently, the mobile game market has appeared in many types of games with rich gameplay. RPG games are attractive to players by adventures, expeditions to remote lands and challenges. FPS games have their own appeal through eye-catching gun battles, fierce dead or alive battles. Racing games give players the satisfaction of the speed of large capacity cars, with the sound of powerful engines and soaring surfing, supercars are like wild animals catching their preys. In contrast, some other players look to softer games like Candy Crush. This is the game that has created an effect, an intense trend in the gaming community bearing the mark of a debugging game. Accompanied by the game “follow”, thereby helping them fall into a monopoly for a while.

The gameplay of this type of game is relatively simple and regardless of age. It is for this reason that many game developers take advantage of and release many variations of it, making each game released will bring players a completely new and not boring experience. And the game Homescapes is also one of them. Not only gives players the attraction of a pure Puzzle game, but the publisher “Playrix” also invests in his beloved kid many interesting details. With innovation in gameplay and design, the Russian-based publisher promises to give players a game that is not only extremely attractive but also imprinted with an unforgettable impression.

Your home is your puzzle

Still the match-3 gameplay pure, but Homescapes also skillfully blended and refresh the game using the wedding scene unique and interesting. Basically, you will incarnate as Austin butler with the task of building and refurbishing the shabby mansion. This mansion was owned by his parents, and after a long time without being refurbished and repaired by humans, this large house became ugly and dusty. As a butler, Austin has a duty to bring warmth and comfort to the people in this family. You will begin the process of renovating the house from the smallest things like painting the walls, changing the tables and chairs, changing the carpet, re-tiling the tiles to cleaning the house and buying more advanced furniture. All are done by familiar Puzzle tasks.

With breaking bricks by placing at least 3 blocks of the same colour in a line, just collect enough points, you will open a new item. In addition, blocks with power-ups will appear when you connect over 4 blocks of the same colour and line, which act as a bomb by region, column and colour separately. You will score more points by collecting more of them. Besides, when you connect 4 blocks of the same colour and form a square, an auxiliary aircraft will appear, the number of points you receive will increase even higher than before. After each game screen won, players will receive a corresponding reward is a star and a certain amount of gold. This money will help you buy more furniture, and the player can also change the items that you do not want.

The game encourages you to perfect the house in your own style, play it the way you want. It can be said that the house is the place to show the personality of the player. Unlike the game Candy Crush is always put on the screen has a high level of difficulty causing discomfort for players, coming to Homescapes, players will somewhat not feel the discomfort. Of course, the game still requires the subtleties as well as careful calculations, but it is still not difficult to the point of discouraging players. Because frustration is easy to cause boring and difficult to keep players. Understanding this, the publisher Playrix has created a game with gameplay that is both attractive, pleasant and relaxing, extremely suitable for players who need a game to take a break during the break time to remove your tiredness.


Besides the attractive and unique gameplay, Homescapes also offers players many interesting features. Furniture in the game extremely diverse and rich. With hundreds of quests and challenges for players, you will no longer have to worry about the problem that the game will end quickly. With each different combination of furniture, it is also a villa but you can create a completely different view. On the other hand, besides renovating the house so beautiful, Austin also needs to repair many other things in the house. Because this mansion is old, so there are many problems happening in the house such as leaking faucets, broken power, … these are quite basic but extremely need issues. Because the feelings of all family members will depend on it. It’s not easy to be a butler, but with your help, it will be worth living more than ever. Besides the mansion also preserves a lot of secrets. Through the process of moving, you and Austin will come across many objects, many closed rooms with lots of valuable secrets. With every new thing you earn, Austin can earn extra money and other valuable items to make the interior of the house richer.

In addition, the game also appears another cute creature that is the naughty Thomas – the cat. However, the cat’s job is to vandalize and repeatedly make Austin confused. However, this cat also contributes a great deal to the job of making money and buying more furniture for the owner. Who knows, this cat will lead players to the secrets hidden deep in the house. Add another interesting feature of the game that you can’t find anywhere else, you can invite your Facebook friends to comment, add comments. Your house will probably be more beautiful, why not try? It can be said, Homescapes is also a game that helps players understand more about the interior design of a house. Through the process of experiencing the game, players can unleash to show their design skills, while raising their interior decoration ability to a new level. Thousands of intermediate design options give you the maximum freedom to explore and create, change designs anytime you want and create your own dream home.


Homescapes graphics are highly appreciated by experienced gamers. With vibrant and colourful graphics, this game is really friendly for players of any age. Besides, the expression of the character is also an advantage for this game. Each item and ornament in the house is presented in detail and bright. After renovating the house, the space around the villa will become beautiful and extremely delicate. If you are an interior design lover, Homescapes is a game that you cannot ignore.


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