Game Hunting Clash

Game Hunting Clash
Publisher Ten Square Games
Genre Simulation
Size 150M
Latest Version 2.31
MOD Info Auto Aim
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Update March 10, 2021 (3 days ago)

Hunters, who make a living by hunting wild animals, are animals permitted to be hunted by the state. Hunters have different ways of hunting and depending on the size of the animals they need, such as weapons, traps, cages, etc. So, have you ever experienced a day as a hunter? Use hunting rifles for hunting large animals, collecting ingredients from them, like meat, horns, and other vital parts? If you want to experience as a hunter, then download Hunting Clash, a new generation hunter simulation game that promises to bring the most genuine feelings. This game is legitimate, allowing the player to hunt non-rare animals and face many challenges of a professional hunter. hunting-clash-mod-auto-aim-2


Hunters are always around the world; they often live deep in the forest, have little contact with the outside world, and even live by hunting wild animals. Moreover, every part of the world has its climate, so hunters must adapt and be willing to hunt a wide variety of animals in any weather. The life of a hunter may be lonely, but happy when every day, there are always prey big, juicy, and fragrant every barbecue. Because of that, the game will create the best conditions for players to have an authentic hunter experience, such as weapons, environment, climate, weather, and graphics. With only the above factors, players will be greeted by an atmosphere for professional hunters, not extravagant, but simple and dangerous. hunting-clash-mod-auto-aim-2-1


Life as a hunter is dangerous when every day they can hunt gentle animals, or easily be hunted by other ferocious animals. Because of that, hunters will have many different ways to hunt, and even be ready to be the prey and can be hunted at any time. When coming to this game, the player can be both a hunter or hunted, but that depends on the player’s ability to observe. Although the game has many beasts, they can still be cut down if they take the correct shot. hunting-clash-mod-auto-aim-2-1-1


The gameplay gives players the authentic experience of a hunter with a reliable hunting rifle. During each hunt, it is the player’s task to hunt for the specified animals or fire shots on parts required by the game, such as the brain, heart, lungs, and limbs. Instead of allowing players to move freely, they will be fixed and use a hunting rifle to complete the quest. Moreover, the game also has simple controls: tap to aim, a joystick to aim, and a button to shoot to finish the target. Although the control mechanism is simple, the player must apply physical mechanics to this game, such as bullet time, movement speed, etc. hunting-clash-mod-auto-aim-2-1-1-1


As a hunter, they need the best weapons and equipment to hunt large animals, like bears, lions, etc. Furthermore, “Hunting Clash” is a shooting game, so the weapon diversity element is essential to entertain players. With a massive weapon system, belonging to the hunting rifle genre, players can unlock any option once they have enough money. Not only that, but each weapon can also be personalized, such as accompanying accessories, upgrades, and decorations. With only the above factors, the player will have many things to have fun with the game, and even each weapon will have its characteristics such as the amount of ammo, damage, speed, etc. hunting-clash-mod-auto-aim-2-1-1-1-1


During hunting, the player will have to complete the game’s tasks to end the hunt, such as killing an animal or performing precise shots. If the player is not confident about their accuracy, they can use hunter skills such as time delay, X-ray, Insta-shot, etc. Each skill has its characteristics, and players can customize these skills for better effect.


Hunting Clash is also an online game where hunters show off their skills by points earned after each hunt. If the player wants to show off their skills, then they need to shoot accurately in the shortest possible time. Also, the game will have many time-limited events, where hunters will receive many attractive rewards such as weapons and equipment if they have good achievements. Everything a player does during events, quests, and challenges will be recorded, and their achievements reset after a week to balance the competitiveness of the hunters. hunting-clash-mod-auto-aim-2-1-1-1-1-1 Are you looking for a highly entertaining game that can be played anytime, anywhere? Then come to “Hunting Clash,” a real hunter simulation game, using 3D graphics to simulate environments and animals vividly for players to enjoy. Not only that, but it also has many attractive activities for hunters around the world to gather and interact with each other.


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