Game Hyper Arena

Game Hyper Arena
Publisher NetEase
Genre MOBA
Size 600MB
Latest Version Beta
Update September 7, 2018 (3 years ago)

Today, people have entered the high-tech era more than many years ago. Works of hundreds of meters high, small devices only a few millimeters are innovative products of an advanced civilization. However, human dreams are infinite, so they keep thinking about the technology that they have not created yet. Many people consider it the future of humanity, and there are also a large number of people who believe that alien technology has advanced to this level.

No matter what, this will be a topic that attracts many people. Applying to movies or games has received tremendous cheers from users. Hyper Arena is taking advantage of the human curiosity of a distant future with technological overwhelming prospects. With the most popular MOBA game now combined with the story is attractive, it has become a game with a considerable number of downloads. In addition, China’s Netease has invested much money to produce the most beautiful graphics possible and integrate it on mobile phones. Both iOS and Android operating systems can simultaneously play this game. So if you are interested in this topic, you can download immediately and enjoy.

a MOBA game by NetEase

Still, with the complex and tactical gameplay of a MOBA game, the newcomer will probably be amazed at the huge map in Hyper Arena. However, for experienced players, it is going to be pretty easy because the gameplay has been simplified for mobile phones. Still a simple map of the three lanes of a map built on the Map of DotA. However, there will be different customizations based on the purpose of the manufacturer. The most typical is the system of forest monsters, the forest terrain with grass bushes can be changed in size or location.

The main attraction of Hyper Arena is that it is built on the theme of a remarkably modern world run by the most advanced technology. The characters that appear in the game have special abilities that ordinary humans do not have. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest equipment and weapons that only appear in fictional products. Both maps and large target systems are designed based on this idea.

Sum up

Remaining familiar, such as the MFi controller with analog stick and skill system, along with a basic beat is definitely an indispensable feature of a MOBA game. The way to use multidimensional navigation and free skill navigation by pointing directly to the emulator has been demonstrated in many games of the same genre.


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