Game Hyper Plinko

Game Hyper Plinko
Publisher Shape Keeper Ltd
Genre Arcade
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.2.2
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update December 24, 2020 (3 months ago)

In the gambling game system, there are countless different genres that both entertain players and give them many attractive rewards. Many places view gambling as illegal, but many use it for other purposes if the founders are creative enough. The random system that gambling games offer is attractive and entertaining, where players must both rely on their luck and understand the rules of the games. One of the most popular gambling games in the world, and lottery shows, is Plinko.

Hyper Plinko (MOD, All Unlocked) ***

Plinko’s gameplay is simple, as the player takes the disc-shaped objects and drops them into any of the slots located at the top of the device. They will be redirected by the obstacles inside and will randomly drop into the reward boxes located below. Their gameplay is simple and straightforward, and if you want to experience the game Plinko right on your device, then Hyper Plinko will be the right choice. It has many other things to do with Plinko and even gives the player countless attractive rewards, real rewards, if the player has absolute points.


Everyone knows that Plinko is always a fun and addictive game, but it gives players more risk than rewards. The variety of rewards is what attracts the player to Plinko, even though many people begin to predict the path of the plates when they randomly pop in any direction. The player can select any hole to drop the plate instead of having only one hole, which will apply to Hyper Plinko. The gameplay is simple and straightforward; even with a single try, the player immediately wants to throw an extra plate. However, the game is not the highlight but is the bonus system included in the game, even bringing fortune to all players. The game will have many other variations of Plinko, to bring more fun, and the rewards will also increase.

Hyper Plinko (MOD, All Unlocked) ***


Although Plinko gives players many rewards, it will quickly become boring and easy to get used to. Therefore, the game will introduce players to other gambling games, with various gameplay rules and even rewards. Players will find various gambling games through “Hyper Plinko,” such as Pinball, Pachinko, etc. All of them are designed with vivid colors and realistic 3D graphics, even with many stunning effects to entertain players.


Many people think that Android games are just for entertainment purposes, but few would have expected that they were away for publishers to promote their titles. Yes, “Hyper Plinko” is a game played by major sponsors, and their products are the rewards in this game. They are all real rewards, can be redeemed for points in “Hyper Plinko,” even players can redeem for more attractive rewards. Through this game, players can receive electronic components, gaming equipment, gift cards, etc. All of them are legal, but the player needs to play Hyper Plinko games to earn enough points to redeem.

Hyper Plinko (MOD, All Unlocked) ***


Hyper Plinko works like wanting players to claim rewards before they start to expire quickly, so the game will have a lot of promotions for players if they succeed in invite friends to join. The process of inviting friends is simple: sharing apps, getting them to download apps, then sharing personalized promotional links. Each person will have only one link, and the game will continuously give points to players every time someone clicks on those links. Players should note that this game does not have any In-App Purchases features, and no one can use the money to buy points for redemption only. It can be said that the value of the rewards brought into this game is lower than the market price, but there must be enough points of Hyper Plinko to be traded.


Players can continuously enjoy the games of Hyper Plinko to receive points for exchanging gifts from sponsors. However, that will quickly become boring, and players will gradually lose interest in gifts. Thus, the game will introduce players to countless attractive promotions, making them stick with the game to get more points. Every week there will be events such as double points, random gift-giving, and even many great deals when exchanging gifts.

Hyper Plinko (MOD, All Unlocked) ***

Hyper Plinko is seen as an innovation to Android games, as it gives players more benefits as they continuously enjoy the content. All rewards in this game are real and can be shipped to locations given by the player. Players can even exchange gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, and more.


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