Game Ice Fishing

Game Ice Fishing
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Update July 18, 2018 (3 years ago)

Outdoor sports are good for health and provide hours of enjoyable entertainment. Many young people enjoy adventure games such as parachuting, parkour, mountain climbing, etc. And older people like sports that require persistence and promote tranquillity. Sports such as meditation, yoga or chess are always a favourite. Besides, there is still a sport that is also loved by many as fishing. In this course, you are practising great patience as well as having plenty of time to relax in cool nature. It gives the player a different experience than any other sport.

Of course, to be able to play fishing, the conditions are quite easy to meet. But if you want to experience ice fishing, it’s a bit hard, even for indigenous people with lots of snow and ice. It also requires a lot of physical strength, protective gear, specialised tools to withstand cold and large free time. Therefore, only a few enthusiasts can do it. Taking advantage of that weakness, many game makers have released simulation games fishing on ice that attracts a lot of fishers. My Fishing HD is one of my favourite games of this genre, but the most preferred ice fishing game is Ice Fishing. It is clear that the game has exceeded 1 million downloads. The best evidence for the game has been a popular name for those who love the sport.

Fishing on snow ice

Like other fishing simulation games, Ice Fishing allows players to experience a frozen place and players can catch fish in very small ice pits. It seems like the people living in the Arctic are fishing in order to live through the day. The difficulty lies not only in catching fish but also in terrain and weather. The fishing pole is huge in the polar region, and you can enjoy fishing here.

The joystick control also has some difficult places and the same technique as the real thing. First, to catch fish, there must be bait to attract them. And preparation also accounts for a very large proportion of the success of the fishing trip. Take your gear and hold on hand, then click on “Fishing reels” icon in the upper right corner. If there is nothing to do, click “Baited hook” next to the “Fishing reels” icon. And you can even replace the match bait by clicking the button again.

Remember that each type of fish needs different types of bait to catch, such as Raffin like corn, the best lure for rudd, perch and crucian carp is gammarus or bloodworms, while big perch and pike chase little fish only. Once you have bait on the fishing rod, start dropping the wire to the waterhole and demonstrate the technique. Many species will soon bite, many species need to raise and lower the bait continuously.


The graphics of the game will surely satisfy you as it depicts almost exactly the reality of the fishing on the ice. Difficulties in weather, as well as the characteristics of each type of fish, will take you long to learn it all. This is a pretty good game for your spare time, enjoy it.

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