Game Idle Casino Manager

Game Idle Casino Manager
Publisher ColdFire Games GmbH
Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Latest Version 2.2.0
MOD Info Free Upgrade
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Update March 1, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Maybe you yourself have stepped into the big and luxurious Casino as a guest, enjoy all the fun that a Casino can bring to you. So have you ever wondered what its management job will be like? If you want to try the daily work of a Casino manager, today I will help you. Through a mobile game called Idle Casino Manager, it will simulate the whole process of Casino management to players. You only need to constantly upgrade your Casino, build more amusement parks for your customers. Even expanded the scope of his management through many different Casino.


The game starts quite badly because your casino doesn’t receive much funding, so you need to try to create your own image in the eyes of your customers. Constantly upgrading everything in many different amusement parks to be able to attract more guests and receive more money.

Each floor of your house will be a separate playing area in the Casino, such as Slot Machine, Poker, Pinball, … and to be able to access your casino, customers need to convert money into coins at the counter. If you constantly upgrade this coin exchange area, the number of customers in the queue will be reduced and the amount of conversion will be greater, increasing the income for your Casino. If you think one stall is not enough, why not build more? However, you only have a maximum of 5 redemption counters, but the number may vary depending on the city you are trading in.

Become an entrepreneurial tycoon and manage all of your idle profits

We will start with a different business floor, the first floor of your Casino will be the Slot Machine. The start is pretty straightforward so you’ll start with 2 seat slot machines. Accompanied by a small bar for other players in the meantime. Do you wonder what the upgrade will be? Each casino floor will have the same form of upgrading, and it includes 3 main items: Upgrade (increase in revenue per customer), Expands (Expand the playing area, increase sales speed) and Bar (Increasing the number of people waiting while waiting for an empty slot). However, in order to be able to open more slots for customers, that particular floor needs to achieve a certain amount of revenue to be able to proceed with this. So the process of upgrading revenue is the most important in Casino.


To help players can quickly increase revenue, the game will constantly appear a number of special bonuses. Sometimes the casino will have a large amount of money through sponsorship, which will be displayed on the flight deck next to the Casino.

With various upgrade systems, with this upgrade system, you can expand the area of ​​each floor the way you want. Also, the size of the Casino building depends on the city you are in. To be able to unlock the next city, you first need to complete the entire requirements in the current city. You can move between different cities and control them freely, which means that when moving cities, the entire casino will not be reset.

A special feature of this game is the Idle feature, do you think the casino is absent for 1 day and it will stop working? No, the casino will even operate on its own and earn even more money when the player is away.

If you love the management of Casino then you will want to try this game “Idle Casino Manager”.


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