Game Idle Courier Tycoon

Game Idle Courier Tycoon
Publisher Century Game
Genre Arcade
Size 80M
Latest Version 1.11.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 10, 2021 (1 month ago)

Tycoon games are games that are combined from the management simulation genre with the idle clickers to give players a completely new experience. These games are also diverse in content and bring players many different fields, as well as help them acquire new knowledge in specific management industry. So have you ever wondered how the delivery system works? If not, then comes to the game Idle Courier Tycoon, where you become an emperor in a delivery empire. Moreover, the game also uses friendly 3D graphics, making itself accessible to many players, as well as bringing a lot of entertainment to the player in managing goods.


Almost all Tycoon games always give players the complete fundamental knowledge of a specific field, as well as how to manage them perfectly. For a delivery company, they have to constantly import a multitude of different items, then sort them into multiple components, package everything, and ensure all the information needed to get the item to their locations. Therefore, the role of delivery companies is huge in daily life when the electronics market is growing strongly. With all of these elements modeled in every detail, players are tasked with building, growing, and expanding their company to a larger scale. Not only that but also to compete with other companies and invest in many larger projects to grow stronger than ever. They can even develop a single courier empire with multiple facilities, large-scale, and prevalent around the world.


The process of transporting the goods to the designated place is a process that must be done under the rules and stabilize the order. Therefore, the player has to monitor everything with their first packing system, with just a tap simple, all processes will be completed within a certain amount of time. That process will include receiving items, packages, filling out the information, and shipping to delivery trucks. The packaging process can be significantly shortened through the upgrade system, even though the player must know how to classify goods and packaging machinery properly. In the future, as players expand their headquarters, more delivery ports will be opened, and more packaging machines will be unlocked for players to purchase. They come in many shapes and colors, so the player’s headquarters will be more diverse and more vibrant.


After the player packed an item, they are automatically delivered to a delivery area, where the transport trucks are filled with items. When a unit is filled, the player must tap on them to begin the transporting process. If the player does not activate it, the delivery area will have a separate warehouse to hold items that have not been delivered yet. Moreover, the transport unit is also the primary source of income for the player, and they will return automatically after a while since the start of transportation. Through the game’s idle upgrade system, players can upgrade many of the transport unit’s performance. Players can upgrade the amount of transport, return time, and income that each ride brings to the player.


Once players have developed their headquarters, players can begin reaching out to other international regions. From there, players will have to restart a new construction process, but with the budget received from the previous headquarters, the expansion of the new headquarters will become simpler. Besides that, players must know the equipment and decide the best options for each of their headquarters. Not only that, but players can also change transport tools, such as forklifts, packing machines, and transport units. The game has all the most convenient features so that players can freely modify any headquarters they want, as well as have the best experience for management.


In the early days of the game, players have to manually manage everything, such as the transportation process, as well as invest in other projects. However, with the appearance of the supervisors, things will be different, as they will on behalf of the players to automate all the processes and maximize income for players. Players can hire many supervisors for many different units, and even small units in every department. The supervisors can also be upgraded, making the productivity and performance of the whole department improved, and even the player’s basic income will be multiplied. With the supervisor, managing the player’s delivery service chain will become easier than ever.

Idle Courier Tycoon is a management simulation game, and combined with the Idle system to give players new experiences when managing a chain of leading shipping businesses. If you want to relax or explore the mechanics of freight headquarters, this game will be an excellent choice for you.


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