Game Idle Restaurant Tycoon

Game Idle Restaurant Tycoon
Publisher Kolibri Games
Genre Simulation
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.7.0
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update March 8, 2021 (6 days ago)

Restaurants are the best places for people to enjoy premium dishes; even the restaurant system is divided into many different levels. The higher the level, the more hearty and solemn the food and its atmosphere, giving diners the best experience. Furthermore, a restaurant can be integrated with multiple locations, whether it be a hotel, resort, and more. If you want to experience managing a private restaurant empire, Idle Restaurant Tycoon will be a worthy experience. In that game, you will have all the options and opportunities to build a restaurant chain president’s reputation.


Idle Restaurant Tycoon (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Idle Restaurant Tycoon will introduce a management simulation gameplay, with the main theme of restaurants, and players will have to build careers from foundation to glory. A chain of restaurants always brings a great profit every year, and this game will make it as entertaining as possible for players to enjoy. Furthermore, the game will introduce many exciting and versatile mechanics, allowing players to decorate, upgrade, edit, and many other interesting activities with their restaurant. The player’s chain of restaurants can be developed over time, and during that time, the game will ensure the player has the most enjoyable experience.


Idle Restaurant Tycoon (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

When players start building new restaurants, they will always have to start from scratch and invest in them to grow and become more popular. Meanwhile, players can upgrade many different areas, such as reception, main hall, kitchen, warehouse, etc. A restaurant is built in many different areas, and players can directly interact with them to make the best dishes. What’s impressive is that each restaurant’s design has a unique style, and players can change them and create a distinct atmosphere to improve the diners’ mood.


Every restaurant is always rated with stars, and the more stars, the greater it’s quality and reputation. Players will be introduced to a special mission system, designed with depth and richness to give players many interesting experiences. Through it, players will gradually upgrade and improve the restaurant to a new level. If you complete all the assigned quests, players will be raised the restaurant’s star. What’s more impressive is that each restaurant will have a separate system, separate from the rest, making the gameplay almost endless.


Idle Restaurant Tycoon (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Each restaurant is always famous for its culinary style, such as French, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, etc. All culinary styles will always have their restaurant, and players can choose each restaurant’s culinary style before commencing operations. After choosing the culinary style, the restaurant will transform and begin to offer all customizations with a unique style. That makes the player’s hotel richer and more vibrant and gives more fame to a restaurant chain president.


Idle Restaurant Tycoon (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Idle Restaurant Tycoon is a restaurant management simulation game, and it will come with a massive tycoon system to bring a genuine sense of management to players. Through it, the restaurant will be available 24/7 whether the player is away or offline, and is also a perfect feature for players to increase the income level of each restaurant. That system will automate all processes after being fully upgraded, and players can unlock more special features to make the restaurant chains work smarter and better. The Tycoon system is an important feature and is also the key to making the game interesting and entertaining in restaurant management.


Idle Restaurant Tycoon (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

Idle Restaurant Tycoon does not limit a player’s managerial ability in a restaurant, but it also allows players to open countless other restaurants worldwide. Therefore, the player’s reputation will be greatly increased, and many investment sources will appear and bring the player many fortunes. The restaurant chain system will have many surprises for players to explore and experience; even the restaurant decoration system will become richer over time. Players will also be supported with many special features, helping them to manage the restaurant simpler and more convenient, and quickly move around to develop their career.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon (MOD, Free Shopping) ***

The restaurant management simulation system has appeared in many other games. However, Idle Restaurant Tycoon is still preeminent when it has in-depth gameplay and loads of activities for players to explore. The game will come with the Idle Tycoon feature, a famous system that helps players earn income whether away or offline. If you want to experience the feeling of becoming the president of the world’s largest restaurant chain, then Idle Restaurant Tycoon will be an experience you should try once.


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