Game Indian Train Simulator

Game Indian Train Simulator
Publisher Highbrow Interactive
Genre Simulation
Size 133M
Latest Version 2020.4.16
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 11, 2021 (2 days ago)

Simulation games always bring players useful experiences and essential knowledge about a specific industry or field. In those simulator games, there is one called Indian Train Simulator. A train system simulation game uses India to give players a completely new experience. Other simulated games often take place in Western cities, and they emphasize the management of trains at train stations. But this game is different because it has just let players experience the job of controlling the train, as well as managing the train stations scattered across India. The game also promises to bring players a super graphics, and great features for players to have the best experience while enjoying the game. Indian Train Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Indian Train Simulator uses state-of-the-art 3D graphics, reproduces the world perfectly, and gives players a real sense of the environment, the location. , and everything. Interestingly, the game will replicate all of India’s 32 famous locations, as if it gives players a free trip around India. Trains will also be simulated in detail, with actual size, as well as significant visual effects, worthy of becoming one of the best realistic simulation games. Of course, the game’s graphics are not as high as you think, but it can automatically adapt to the performance of each device, ensuring the player has the best experience with the game.


When players start their first job as a train driver, they will have to complete various contracts by moving from one place to another. Because of that, players will have the opportunity to witness the magnificent scenery that only appears in India. Players will have to control the train during the move, the player’s job is simple, but they need to pay attention to items with a high level of care. The game will introduce players with 32 locations connected by rails, each of which is built honestly, replicating all of India into this game. Players will have the opportunity to explore India famous places and enjoy the work of a train driver in a vast world. Indian Train Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Besides self-driving trains and transporting goods, players can manage their stations to increase their income. Based on the game, players can unlock different stations, and each station is located at 32 places on the map, and players will have a maximum of 32 stations that they can build. At the station, players will receive orders and hire other train drivers to finish the contract while enjoying other things. Of course, each station can be upgraded unconditionally, increasing the overall income for users, as well as attracting more customers to use the railway. As players upgrade the stations to the higher levels, the scenery, appearance, and atmosphere will gradually change, becoming more bustling with time.


Players can collect more than 18 different types of locomotives for each of their stations, and these locomotives will have different performance based on their level. Each locomotive has its characteristics, such as shape, upgrade system, and liveries. Players can customize them, change their appearance, upgrade, and put on a new layer of liveries for their locomotives. In this game, engines are everything, and players do not need to care about other trailers, whether they are a customer or cargo trailer. Indian Train Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money)


The main source of income of the player is not from the station, but from the contracts that are introduced to the player. The number of contracts can be in the hundreds, and never repeating, they evolve on their own, creating new jobs for players, which is why the game is widely loved thanks to the integrated contracts system. The contract will take players everywhere, and players will have to transport a variety of different goods, including passenger carriages. A train can pull many carriages, and they can carry many items at a time. Because of that, players can choose multiple types of contracts at the same time and can replace them at different stations. Indian Train Simulator is a train simulation game for fans of Indian trains. This game has the same developer as the game “Euro Train Simulator” so its structure is similar, but the world of both is well-developed, creating an impression on the player. If you are a fan of trains, then you can have a great experience if you come to this game.


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