Game Is It Love? Colin – Romance Interactive Story

Game Is It Love? Colin – Romance Interactive Story
Publisher 1492 Studio
Genre Simulation
Size 132M
Latest Version 1.3.360
MOD Info Unlimited Energy
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Update February 25, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Is It Love? is a series of famous love stories in which the player embodies the whole story’s main character and immerses themself in everyone’s fictional lives. Each game’s content is represented by the main character’s partner’s name as the game’s title, identifying each part of the entire series. Is It Love? Colin is a game in that series, and this time will introduce the guy Colin, a widely loved popular singer and the lucky player who becomes his partner and begins dating him. Throughout this game, players will experience the feeling of a girl in love, from there accompanying her through many challenges and romantic moments.



The characters in this game reflect the player’s life to enjoy naming the game’s main character. The plot revolves around a high school girl with an endless passion for the piano, but her family always has unfavorable eyes. Afterward, her life must also come to the most important point, and she decides to leave home for New York and get ready for a new life. It is also where everything begins, where players meet Colin for the first time at a concert, a black-hearted character with a distinctive fashion style and appeal to teenage girls. From there, the player’s journey will begin, and together with Colin, experience countless emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. The game’s entire plot will give players the feeling of being a girl, a new life, and a strong piano passion.



Is It Love? Colin is a visual novel game, so it has many gameplay limitations and does not have any elements for players to explore the world within them. On the contrary, the game focuses on developing visuals and storylines to compensate for the lack of gameplay and give players a special impression on the expression and visual quality. The gameplay of the visual novel games allows players to explore the storyline through the choices given so that the player can develop the games’ plot endlessly and in many different directions. Depending on the player’s choice, the outcome of the story, relationships, and many other factors will change dramatically. Players can also save or load scenes, allowing them to explore the storyline according to their favorite options.



Our main character is a young woman with passion and great pianist talent, and with Colin’s appearance, everything becomes tumultuous and humorous. The game uses the rock theme to develop the atmosphere and visual so that players will have a new perspective on gothic or heavy metal pairs when they also love and enjoy life. Thus, many details of the game are wild and bustling, and even players will admire the band’s true ability and the girl. This choice is perfect, as most other games focus on areas or office environments, where players are mainly around lavish or fictional lives that are different from the lives of the young and their passion.



Visual novel games always possess perfect visual quality, with a distinctive style, and use colors that match the game’s overall theme. Is It Love? Colin will introduce a unique and impressive color design revolving around the theme of rock and metal, combined with unique fashions to give players a great visual experience. The mix of different elements in the game makes the atmosphere come alive, and the game will design even the characters to be full of life, vivid, and emotional. The player’s interaction will greatly influence all interacted characters, thereby applying a different visual style for each character, creating richness in gameplay and storyline.



Is It Love? Colin always revolves around teenagers’ musical and emotional issues, so a romantic and bustling music system will always be the mainstay. Players will enjoy the main character’s enchanting and vague piano songs and create songs with the choices. The game focuses not only on visual elements or storylines but also on the player’s overall experience to a new level thanks to the sound. Besides, the sound system will contribute to building up the atmosphere of a conversation or around a certain character, making the game’s experience and plot perfectly throughout the gameplay.

Is It Love? Colin is a game of the same name, and this game will give players the feeling of being loved by a young woman who has an intense passion for piano. Suppose you are always looking for or want to experience a game with a unique plot and absolute visuals. In that case, this game will be a mesmerizing experience among the entire visual novel genre.


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