Game Johnny Bonasera 3

Game Johnny Bonasera 3
Publisher Rafael García
Genre Adventure
Size 98MB
Latest Version 1.09
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Update December 13, 2019 (1 year ago)

If you are asked by someone, who is the person you love the most, then perhaps the answer will always be your mother? Yes, she is the one who gave birth to me, who raised me, and I will not let anyone hurt my mother. However, Johnny Bonasera’s mother in the Johnny Bonasera 3 game has been kidnapped by a group of aliens. You are feeling very sad and need your help. Are you willing to help him?


Johnny Bonasera 3is the third version in the Johnny Bonasera game series developed by Rafael García. In this version, the story of the game continues to revolve around Johnny Bonasera – a boy often bullied by bands of gangsters. After revenge on the gang, Johnny Bonasera was held at the police station and interrogated many problems. Unfortunately, while he was in custody, a group of aliens came and arrested his mother. Johnny Bonasera plans to escape the police station and go to Hangar to borrow a spaceship, rescuing his mother. However, he was too immature to make the journey this time.

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera

In Johnny Bonasera 3, you will accompany Johnny Bonasera and do anything to help him save his mother. The journey you are about to start with the car footage when the police officer is turning you along with the thugs about the station to investigate. You will have to think of a way to escape, while the police stop in Saloon, a favorite beer shop that is popular. Here, cooperate with the shopkeeper, and put the drug in the drink, causing people to faint so you can escape. After that, you need to collect some objects to decipher the puzzle of the game.

The first challenge for you is to unlock the toilet number 19, located next to the Saloon beer shop. In the bathroom number 19, there is a 4-digit code, and that is the second challenge you need to answer to begin your journey to find a spaceship in Hangar. Johnny Bonasera 3 gameplay is a unique combination of adventure and puzzle. You will move to different locations, collect objects, communicate with other characters, and use logic abilities, connecting things to decipher mysteries. The controls are quite intuitive; you need to touch other objects or characters. An interactive interface will immediately pop up for you to choose.


Johnny Bonasera 3 retains the 2D graphics platform, animated like the previous versions. The surroundings and surroundings are sketched and selected with appropriate colors. Although the graphics look somewhat simple, designed hand-drawn but it is what makes this game more special. Compared to previous versions, Johnny Bonasera 3 has an extensive journey and deeper plot. Requires players to use logic to solve the problems that the game poses, rather than just fighting, and revenge on the thugs who once bullied me again. Johnny is waiting for help from you to rescue his mother, download this game and accompany Johnny!

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