Game Journeys: Interactive Series (Premium/Unlocked)

Game Journeys: Interactive Series (Premium/Unlocked)
Publisher The Other Guys
Genre Simulation
Size 95M
Latest Version 1.1.75
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
Get it On Google Play
File [Journeys: Interactive Series APK – 1.1.75 – MOD] Click to download
[Journeys: Interactive Series APK – 1.1.75 – MOD] Click to download

The Other Guys is a developer of mobile games known for its simulated genre. Linda Brown: Interactive Story and ZOE: Interactive Story are two games that bring success to the company with over 10 million downloads from Google Play. Its gameplay is quite simple and gentle, with only manipulations to choose the decisions of the character that the player plays to continue the story. Instead of playing shooting games MOBA, demanding high skills as well as teamwork, choosing the simulation game of The Other Guys seems much better. Receiving strong support from the community of players, the company continues to develop a third product called Journeys: Interactive Series. It is considered the serial version of ZOE: Interactive Story when the story revolves around the beautiful girl. However, this story is much more varied by The Other Guys, revolving around every aspect of Zoe’s life, not confined to Zoe’s love for the werewolf. Below, I will talk a little bit about the gameplay, as well as reveal some interesting stories of this game!

In general, the gameplay of simulation games is quite simple, and more specifically Journeys: Interactive Series. When participating in a story in the series, you will play the role of Zoe and interact with other characters through conversations. They will show up on the screen, and you will replace Zoe with the choice of lines, and decide what will happen in the future. However, remember that decisions at the present time will affect whether future events occur or not. If you refuse to fall in love with a guy, it’s impossible to meet him in the future as a good friend, or a husband. Sometimes, some things will also go wrong. Then you can REPLAY or explore other stories in Journeys: Interactive Series such as PRINCESS BY ACCIDENT, A SUMMER IN TUSCANY, JOURNALS OF THE UNKNOWN, ROOMATE, or AFRICA’S HEART. These stories are discrete and unrelated to each other. You will be exposed to different characters in a completely new situation.


Zoe is a famous actor. She was involved in a fictional film project by Hollywood, and she had to drive alone from New York to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, on the way, she encountered an incident and accidentally caused an accident with a drunken man. Zoe wakes up in the hospital and receives the care of this guy. For a time, she developed feelings, but this could affect her future career. Love and career, what will Zoe choose?


His magic power makes Zoe tired and pressured. She always has to hide her specials to avoid trouble and that’s why She wants to move to New York to start a new life, forgetting the bad things that happened in the past. However, a mysterious detective has appeared and snooped on her life. Strange things continue to happen around and Zoe begins to feel life is turned upside down again. Who is that detective? He appears with what purpose? And are the mysterious events going on around him related to him?


Another summer comes, Zoe and her friends take a vacation together at TUSCANY and shake off the pressure of work for a year. Here Zoe met a policeman extremely handsome and fell in love with him. But she did not expect, her best friend was stealthily dating and flirting with him. A love affair between three people, she feels awkward and extremely confused? Struggling for love or giving up to your best friend?


Zoe’s father is a businessman and he currently works in the town of Salem, east of New York. He was a gentle person and a very fair business. But for some reason, he was murdered on a rainy night. Upon receiving this news, Zoe got in the car and rushed to Salem. She promised herself to find the one who murdered her father and made him pay for the crime.


As you can see, Journeys: Interactive Series has extremely beautiful graphics. Although it is only designed on a 2D platform, the surrounding characters and scenes are meticulously designed, detailed to each line and the color selection stage. The story of the game takes place as a movie, simulating your own life through decisions and conversations. Moreover, its graphics are also optimized, so they are quite compact. Your device only needs to use operating system 4.1 and above to download this game.


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