Game Jurassic Monster World

Game Jurassic Monster World
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Genre Action
Size 600M
Latest Version 0.13.0
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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Update March 2, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

The dinosaur was always considered one of the animals that had a significant influence on Earth’s history. The reptile was once the hegemony of an entire planet for a long time before going down the path of extinction by a few events. And even though dinosaurs are now extinct today – the legacy they leave is still there. The evidence is that so far so many works have been inspired by this species from scientific research or fiction products with entertaining elements.

In any genre, we can see the impact of it. Comics, movies, cartoons and, of course, games, just having the element of dinosaurs are already noticeable. And if you are a fan of dinosaurs and like the fighting game genre, FULL METAL MONSTERS from publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited is a name that you cannot ignore. Extremely fantasy elements, beautiful visuals and engaging gameplay; be coordinated with characters with mechanical or mechanical characteristics. Here are a few reviews for players to consider whether this is the right name or not.


The graphics of the game is really a bright spot with realistic 3D style, ultimately depicting beautifully but exactly the famous dinosaurs. Vivid colours with opposing colours create the strength needed for life and deathmatch. The authenticity here is not only about the colour, shaping but also in size – which is shown through the image of humans and dinosaurs in the game. The context of the game is also extremely diverse from natural to artificial. Rainforests with a variety of dominant green tones to the arctic factories with cold white silvery tones, make the player feel more real.


The protagonist of FULL METAL MONSTERS is nothing but dinosaurs. And players can easily recognise there are two main types of dinosaurs in the game: Dinosaurs and machine dinosaurs, although different in their origin, but in general, they have common characteristics. The aggressive nature is triggered by the extreme under human control. In addition, they are also equipped with state-of-the-art weapons that are always ready to take out the opponent. Each dinosaur has its own unique points that are hard to be confused with. The species can fly, the species has the ability to launch jumps or has tremendous power, and the player can choose according to his own tactics.

Dino 5×5 PvP Shooter

5vstyle is the mainstream gameplay of “FULL METAL MONSTERS” when you will confront and stand side by side with other players. If you want to have the final victory, players must communicate with each other to be able to discuss tactics. And with the bonus money after each battle, you can upgrade your dinosaur army by increasing stats like blood or speed. In the context of the post-apocalyptic world, our main characters will not hold back on their opponents. The phrase “The last survivor is the winner” is somewhat right to this game because you need to survive as long as possible to become a winner.

Some items to buy

The biggest weakness of FULL METAL MONSTERS probably lies in the fact that players have to spend real money to buy some rare items or dinosaurs. And because there are not always people ready to fight, waiting makes many players feel frustrated. Especially when they spend a lot of time waiting while not being able to find allies and opponents. In addition, the control of the dinosaurs is quite tricky for new players. When you have incorrect shots caused by jerks, it also dramatically affects the final results of the player. And they think that they were treated unfairly as the best team game of the year.

This is still considered to be one of the games with high team properties and is highly appreciated by the players. And indeed, if taken as a whole, FULL METAL MONSTERS does not disappoint the player. Excellent gameplay, creative ideas and team-based gameplay. That is the brightest of the game. In addition, the parameters and control keys are quite simple that can help players in moving characters and lying general capture information such as distance or number of surviving opponents.

The game also has time limits, so you don’t have to worry about being late for school or work. FULL METAL MONSTERS is released on both Android and iOS, so downloading the experience is very simple. And even though getting to know the dinosaurs was a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you get used to it, you will find the game extremely interesting and worth playing this year.


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