Game Kingdom Two Crowns

Game Kingdom Two Crowns
Publisher Raw Fury
Genre Adventure
Size 521M
Latest Version 1.1.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Update January 29, 2021 (1 month ago)

For those who have been living through the 80s and early 90s, probably no one is unaware of the pixel style (also known as 8bit). This is a trendy style that has gradually become popular culture. Because of the surprisingly simple way of creating images, the images are built from tiny squares, but beautiful and straightforward and unbelievably beautiful. That is probably the perfect example of the “simple but effective” saying. And to this day, although the history of game releases has created more beautiful, more realistic graphics formats, it can be said that the pixel style still retains a certain number of fans. And if you are looking for a game with this style but not too old as names like Contra or Battle Tank – then Kingdom Two Crowns – a match from the publisher Raw Fury is probably a name that you should try to experience because this is not merely a pixel game, but also a game with compelling content.

Classic graphics, diverse characters, compelling storylines

Kingdom Two Crowns possesses its popular graphic style from nearly four decades ago. That is, those who have ever played games on NES or SNES operating system will certainly not a stranger. But if only possible, the graphics were not the plus point of the game. The difference here is that the movements have been cared more, the flames, the trees, or the forest animals not only play a role in the background but also resonate with what is happening. Each layer of images gives us a feeling like a mesmerizing cross-stitch embroidery picture. With each layer of color to create depth, it helps us have a more realistic feel when participating in the missions in the game, especially for games with a storyline throughout.

As far as the story is concerned, this is an element loved by players because it is a story that has a continuity when you can clearly see the changes of day and night. When you have to build your own kingdom, against the outside forces, the main character will have to go through missions. He also goes to new lands to grow, expands the frontier, and earn money to build a mighty empire. Meeting new animals with different functions will also be an unforgettable experience for players.

About sound, it must be said that it created a real atmosphere. The encounters with enemies that make your heart pound, or when you relax by the stream, are reflected through the sound. Besides the beautiful music, it is changed to suit the situation. The sound effects are created in an authentic way like the sound of arrows being shot, the sound of water flowing, the raindrops or the sound of metal colliding, all of which are blended to create depth feeling. It makes the player feel like himself in that world.

What about the weakness?

It is difficult to say that the game has a flaw to blame. If so, it was merely due to the feature that was ingrained in these pixel game lines, which is that the viewing angle and direction of the game are pretty limited. Only left and right so sometimes for players to get bored when there are only two directions to move like that. One more thing the player draws to us is that in certain seasons like winter – there is not so much to do (which is supposed to come from the authenticity of the game). Along with that, having to spend quite a bit of time to be able to complete all the tasks, not everyone is patient enough, especially those who prefer games with many small stages to make it easier to play.


To make a final comment, this is really a new game, a unique combination of pixel graphics, and a clear storyline. So for those who want to find nostalgia and an ordered storyline, this is indeed the name you need to have and experience. Because even though there are still some inherent disadvantages, Kingdom Two Crowns really had a significant transformation when there were new features than the previous two games (Kingdom Two Crowns is part of 3rd game of Kingdom series) like bringing new lands, new animals, as well as vehicles for the first time – like if you want to go to the island, you have to take a boat. This is truly an adventure and will give you a different perspective on the emperors on how to set up a separate empire in the Middle Ages. Download now to experience it.


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