Game Kingdom Wars

Game Kingdom Wars
Publisher Springcomes
Genre Strategy
Size 35M
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 3, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Galaxy Defense is a goalkeeper game developed by “Zonmob Game Studio”. It is a modern style, and players will exploit weapons and develop technology to fight enemies. However, some players prefer classic-style goalkeeper games that will be more appealing and Kingdom Wars really proves this. The gameplay of this game is designed quite simply and only includes some basic features. Victory or defeat completely depends on how you organize your Military and tactics. The lands are waiting for you to conquer, the glory awaits you. Build your Military and start the journey now!


Since ancient times, people and monsters live in peace. They are friendly and help each other in their life to develop. However, the gods appeared and assumed that the monsters had an evil nature and pushed them to hell and imprisoned. After hundreds of years, hatred and the desire to live in the light of the monsters have risen. They reach the human world for the purpose of destroying and invading. The bid is too expensive, the only thing that can be done now is to fight the heroes.


Similar to tower defense games, Kingdom Wars battles take place between two armies: you and the enemy. Each team will try to protect their fortress and destroy the enemy’s fortress to win. As I mentioned, this game largely depends on the method of military organization and the player’s tactics. However, to be able to accomplish these 2 things, it will have to spend a lot of resources. During the battle, the resources will automatically increase over time and it will be used to recruit different units or upgrade the speed of resource development.

In terms of combat mechanics, when you recruit soldiers, they will appear on the map and automatically move forward to attack the enemy. However, they are not the only fighting force, but you can take advantage of the fortress’s abilities. In the lower-left corner of the screen is a dragon symbol. When activated, a rain of arrows will fall on the enemy’s area and cause them to lose their lives. In addition, the fortress has a number of other abilities: creating tornadoes, spraying fire and creating protective shields. Although they take a long time to recover, try to use these powerful abilities to win.

Military units are diverse

Troops are the main force to fight and play a big role in every battle because they can both attack, and can prevent the enemy from advancing towards the fort to destroy. The game has designed more than 100 types of soldiers from warriors, knights, archers, angels, knights, guardians, hammers, defense soldiers, … They carry special combat abilities, For example, knights who perform slashes at a fast speed, who hold a hammer to attack slowly but cause great damage, archers can attack the target from afar, the guard has a large amount of energy, yes can prevent the draft for a long time, the guard can protect his allies and reduce their damage, … However, these units will not be available, but the player must If you perform missions and cross different lands to unlock them.

Strength is also an important factor to be able to win. If you have built a good, optimal strategy, but your units are too weak, your tactics will not work. Moreover, the enemy will gradually become stronger and smarter, causing even more difficulties. Therefore, you need to continually upgrade your units to improve your combat ability and make sure don’t get defeated by the enemy.

Difficulties follow difficulties

Kingdom Wars has over 400 lands, corresponding to 400 levels for players to explore. Every time land is conquered, the player will arrive in a new land, with difficulties and giant bosses. New monsters appear with stronger combat capabilities and their optimal way of organizing troops makes the battle ever more intense. However, with your courage and ability to build tactics, are you ready to fight and overcome them all?


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