Game King’s Light

Game King’s Light
Publisher Hida Game
Genre RPG
Size 130.27MB
Latest Version 1.0.1
Update August 6, 2018 (3 years ago)

Many countries with different cultures produce a lot of different stories about heroes. In general, the heroes are always kind and help others unconditionally. Besides, they are passed on from one person to another. With the divine powers and everlasting faith in justice, the monsters that harm the good people, in turn, are destroyed. Later on, these legends became a topic worth letting the producers begin to get the idea to make it as an entertainment product. Novels, comics, movies and games still have compelling stories about the confrontation between good and evil. And the main characters are the heroes with high power and belief.

The game is set in medieval Europe on the market today. So, the games set in other episodes seem to be new and attract more players. For example, a Chinese game producer has taken the background as the hero of their country. The characters look very much like their famous dramas on ancient martial arts. Dresses, stories, cultures, and monsters are legendary in China.

King’s Light is a new game in the market of Hida game. They are also a rookie in this great entertainment industry with only two games released as Relic Hero and King’s Light. Both have the theme of heroes fighting for justice. Surely the next game will not be the same as the previous game of the company.


The context of the game is almost a rewrite of a Chinese martial arts fiction. Legendary creatures on film such as dragons, phoenixes, giant eagles appear as hidden throughout the game. The battle of the mighty gods, the magical kingdom of magic and the powerful soldiers at risk to rescue their friends. The confrontation caused the world to shake between good and evil, between the dark forces and the heroes, opening up a heroic era.

How to play

Still a tense battle between humans with powerful monsters with monsters from dark places rising. The adventure will lead people to every corner of this magical world. Even under the sea, land and air all-around gameplay, is a battlefield full of monsters and deformities. Each level is an endless battle. Hundreds of monsters flickered from a bizarre portal into a massive attack. Players must find a way to build a strong army that is capable of blocking incoming enemy waves. There is only one battle from the beginning until you can stop the monsters.

An exciting tower defence game with familiar gaming mechanics but incorporated into new functions that boost your power or create impressive effects. Players will have to learn for a long time to understand all their uses. The warm-hearted pets with Q Meng style along with the player will make you feel happy while playing the game.


Cute graphics and easy-to-understand play is a good premise for China’s heroic story that is clearly presented to the player. That gives the manufacturer more incentive to develop new functions, continually updated for the game.


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