Game Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

Game Krystopia: Nova’s Journey
Publisher Antler Interactive
Genre Adventure
Size 372M
Latest Version 2020.10.19
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Update October 24, 2020 (5 months ago)

The adventure in a fantasy world like Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is interesting. You can imagine yourself in the same situation as an explorer in Star Wars. Everything you see around you is designed with magic colors, a bit of a mixture of advanced technology but the people here are as strong as the warriors. Nova Dune – the protagonist of the game, will adventure into a land called Krystopia. This is a fictional land set in outer space. Everything is alien to a human-like Nova. Will this adventure bring you any surprises? What secrets of aliens will be revealed?

Krystopia: Nova's Journey

The magical journey of a human into the cosmic world

The world in the game seems very unique and interesting with alien characters designed strangely. Krystopia’s world is a harmonious combination of the latest technology and nature. The strokes in the game seem to have been streamlined a bit to make it easier for everyone to follow the story. Because the details will be extremely complex and require players to pay close attention to be able to recognize new things. The main challenge of this game is the puzzle. When you encounter them, you will see the efforts of the artists. They make the details become clearer and operate a lot smoother than before. Often the answers are not easy to get, you have to spend a long time thinking about that.

Krystopia: Nova's Journey

The operation of the game

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey operates according to the tasks and routes set by the system. Players will control the space explorer Nova Dune to go through many different places. Whenever you receive a task, quickly move. During your journey, you will encounter countless difficulties, mostly still puzzles placed along the way. Their decoding mechanism is completely different, you rarely see two challenges repeated in this game. You have to figure out how to decode it yourself because there is no suggestion for you.

Krystopia: Nova's Journey

These places will give you information about where to go next, valuable items for you to fight the enemy, or a gateway to go somewhere. Sometimes, players will still encounter real obstacles. At that time, you can transfer control to the alien friend who accompanies you. Alien pet Skrii has the ability to move quickly but physically quite low.

Krystopia: Nova's Journey

The game is about an internal battle among the tribes on the planet Krystopia

The player will discover one thing that the character in the game will slowly lead you to a secret. The battle of the races in the game will be eliminated if you remove the problems on both sides. This task will be slowly assigned as you talk to the NPCs scattered throughout the game. However, there are times when they will force you to actually choose how you continue your adventure. When you choose one of the two missions, you accidentally choose the side to serve. This is an innovation in a game like this. Usually, the main tasks will lead you on the right path. “Krystopia: Nova’s Journey” allows you to choose your own route. Indeed this is an interesting feature, leading to many different endings for the same game.


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