Game Layton: Pandora’s Box
Publisher LEVEL-5 Inc.
Genre Adventure
Size 900MB
Latest Version 1.0.1
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Update January 2, 2020 (1 year ago)

Professor Layton Series is one of the series of adventure games combined with a puzzle that attracts many gamers. Since the release of the first version, 17 million copies have been sold worldwide. Following that success, the publisher continues to release the second version: Layton: Pandora’s Box in HD on mobile platforms to serve the needs of players. The story that this Series brought in this second version is the death of Dr. Andrew Schrader – Professor Layton’s mentor suddenly died. What happened to him? That’s the question we have to answer in this game.


The story revolves around two main characters, Layton archaeologist and his assistant – Luke. Layton is facing the mystery of the sudden death of Dr. Andrew Schrader – Layton’s professor and mentor. The original cause was determined by the Elysian box – a secret item owned by Dr. Andrew Schrader. At the scene, the Elysian box disappeared and the only clue left was a ticket of Molentary Express. So who took the box? Who is the owner of the Molentary ticket? Is the owner of the ticket who caused Dr. Andrew Schrader’s death and who took away the box the same person? Layton and Luke begin their journey to decipher the mystery and are unaware of the unusual things that are about to happen to them.

The journey of Layton and Luke is divided into 7 chapters.

Chapter 1: The Legendary Molentary Express.
Layton and Luke decided to take a cruise on Molentary Express in hopes of finding something about the box. They met Flora and agreed to allow her to participate in the journey. Suddenly, the ship broke down and stopped at a small village called Dropstone.

Chapter 2: The Country Village of Dropstone.
While the ship was being repaired, the three of them entered the village. When they arrived, they discovered the daughter of the richest man and the mayor of the village, Katia, planning to leave the house in the hope of fulfilling her late grandmother’s final wish. While not paying attention, Layton and Luke lost Flora because she was dragged away by a stranger. When Layton and Luke find Flora, she seems to be hiding something. They return to the ship and meet a man named Romie. He told them about a ghost town, a mysterious place that does not appear on the map

Chapter 3: A Diverging Path
While Layton, Luke, and Flora fall asleep. The train carrying three of them separated from the rest of the ship and took another train to another town called Folsense, where Dr. Schrader visited and took a photo 50 years ago. But when they arrived, they realized that this town didn’t change much in the past 50 years. What’s going on here?

Chapter 4: The Phantom Town Of Folsense
Chapter 5: Shadows On The Street Corner
Chapter 6: The Road To Herzen Castle
Chapter 7: An Encounter At The End Of The Line

Rich, logical gameplay

In each chapter, you will have to in turn find out the answer to the mysteries that the system poses. You will observe the surroundings and interact with others to find the necessary information. Every time you interact with a character, you will have to solve a puzzle to unlock new clues to continue with your case. Quizzes come in many different forms, such as choosing the right option in the plan that the system makes, arranging objects according to a certain rule, or finding a way in the maze. ..


Graphics of Layton: Diabolical Box in HD has a classic style, expressing beautiful hand-painted art. And that is a highlight that this game brings. Besides, the sound system is also quite lively. With the sound of bass, intermittent, it brings a murky, mysterious feeling in each scene of the story.