Game Legend-Heroes Arrival

Game Legend-Heroes Arrival
Publisher qiuqiu shi
Genre Card
Size 327.1 MB
Latest Version 1.2.4
Update September 10, 2018 (3 years ago)

Since 2008, HollyWood’s film industry has embarked on a new generation. The era of superhero movies gradually dominated the box office and became popular around the world. The familiar characters of Marvel, DC, and other studios are continually appearing to serve the tastes of the people today. In 2018, things exploded with the 10th anniversary of the Universe superheroes. Based on that boom, games that follow the trend of familiar heroic hero formation turn in

The interesting Gard Game

Legend-Heroes Arrival is one of the new names of this time with the collection of many heroes in many different universes. This is the first product of qiuqiu shi with a lot of their heart put in it. Hope in the future will become a worth mentioning when looking for a superhero themed game. The rating of the player is also excellent when it gets near 5 stars on the iTunes download page. With a capacity of 400MB, it is a good choice with good graphics; the character is stylized, not boring.

UNLOCK new skill and upgrade your level to enjoy a more different play

Before you go into a serious battle, you have to shape your style of play. Once you have identified your favorite tactics, take a form with all heroes of Legend-Heroes Arrival. Your squad will be free to arrange with your favorite characters. However, not all heroes are available in stock for you to choose from the first level. The game will only grant cards to summon basic characters, and then you must summon it to fulfill your league, from Tale, Fancy or Super Groups.

COMPETE with players from all over the world

If the ball is already owned by your own team, then you have to decide to develop it. Strong characters with horrible stats are a good way to upgrade the game overall, but with some difficulty. You will have to spend a lot of money to get them. In the meantime, use the resources to gradually upgrade your character’s stats. Unlocking their skills is also a parallel project to boost the team’s defense and defense.

Familiar superheroes are styled with different looks, but the details of their subtlety are still conveyed cleverly. You will recognize them from the first time you see them. Besides, their outstanding skills are also put into the game logically, and the player will be comfortable throwing them in the battle. Special effects will make you feel like you are actually involved in such arduous battles.

Emulate the same players to improve your skills and reinforce your tactics. Thanks to that, make friends with many people around the world. The game will be much fun. Or you can share your experience on Facebook. The unexpected gift is still waiting for you on that social network.


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