Game Legend: Rising Empire

Game Legend: Rising Empire
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre Strategy
Size 608 MB
Latest Version 1.5.61
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Legend: Rising Empire – No-name is a branch of Tencent Games, recently introduced a new product NetEase gamers, like the title. Legend of the Rising Empire: Rising Empire has created a new fever for the mobile game market. Unlike most of the previous products that NetEase has invested in survival, shooting or role-playing, this move is a tactical title. If you have ever experienced Clash of Clan, you will find Legend: Rising Empire a little similar. But thanks to NetEase’s hand, the analogy does not say anything, it still shows a bit of calculus and cares for the child. Featuring the same style of play as the NetEase specialty, Legend: Rising Empire has captured the hearts of many gamers, once again confirming its position and ability to make games.

Welcome, my lord

In wartime, up to the time of the Rising Empire, you are the king of a country. As a leader, you have to build your country well in all aspects. A strong country only when financially, personnel, diplomacy, and military stability, strong. But with the Rising empire, you do not need to care about human resources, because if you just need to care less the other three sides, will not have to worry about this anymore. Your main task is to make rich countries, build more solid buildings. Besides, I did not forget to train my soldiers to serve in the war.

For the military to be optimized, you should focus on technological improvements. Because the failure to fight the other areas also depends quite a lot on the modern and modern weapons technology you have. Upgrading and updating the Reforms will help your army become strong, with good support for both war and goalkeepers. Because the game supports multiple players, your attack is also extremely noticeable. A fortified stronghold and protected will indeed not be destroyed. However, the most skilled troops still cause much damage to your kingdom. Another exciting thing is that with 40 types of construction, the construction will all help you use your maximum power, making the country both rich and strong.


Compared to the Clash of the Clan, Legend: Rising Empire will show its excellence. 3D graphics style, detail is meticulous, thorough. The effect is a smooth, clear picture, highlighting many cultural works of each Western region in wartime. The view from the top makes it easy to see the whole area. The color and style of the fashion show the character of the old days. Sounds majestic, resounding. All are combined harmoniously and subtly.


As a NetEase product, you do not have to worry about its completeness. So do not hesitate to download Legend: Rising Empire on your device and experience it right away.

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