Game Levelhead

Game Levelhead
Publisher Butterscotch Shenanigans
Genre Simulation
Size 56M
Latest Version 100.0.38
MOD Info Full Game Paid & Unlocked
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Update January 20, 2021 (2 months ago)

Have you ever played Mario? If you’ve tested Mario once, you will definitely feel the appeal of Levelhead. Players will participate in an extremely unique adventure. Your task is to overcome a lot of difficulties to bring goods to consumers. Understandably, you will play the role of a shipper. If the item cannot reach the customer then you will be the loser.

Levelhead (Full/Paid) *****

Levelhead is a journey of the GR-18 robot boy on his quest to become the best employee. You will apply to The Bureau of Shipping to work. Initially, you will only be a new Employee with little experience. The tasks that you are assigned are not too difficult, so they will be quite easy. However, after a period of work, you will be promoted to a Levelhead. Extremely skilled technicians with delivery and speed. Along with that, the challenges that you go through are also presented at an extremely high level.

Funny graphics, colorful; Exquisite and detailed design

Levelhead allows players to control a robot of the galaxy’s premier package delivery corporation. So, when you enter the mission, it takes place in an extremely interesting theme. Thanks to the creativity of the design team, new images will make you feel fun. The challenges in the game are not overcast and unpleasant. They use incredibly eye-catching and interesting colors. In addition, obstacles are also designed with a cute, bright appearance.

To make it easy to imagine, the game’s theme has extremely familiar designs. You will see there are some images in Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, … They are a factor that makes Levelhead more attractive to players. While you want to play this game, it is still easy to recognize the images that I have experienced a long time ago.

Levelhead (Full/Paid) *****

Style to play platformer accessible and familiar

Basically, Levelhead is a platformer game so the gameplay is quite easy to get used to. You will move from the left side to the right until the long way to go. Challenges arranged in the game are also quite familiar. We can easily see it in many games of the same genre. Players will have to move across the terrain, avoid deep holes, kill monsters. The difficulty of the game is related to where these challenges are arranged and how dense. If challenges are constantly organized and require you to move and observe, it will be very difficult. Moreover, some levels also hide stealth traps, hidden behind bricks. Surely the first time you encounter that challenge, it will not be overcome. However, the next time, remember to pay close attention.

Players will be able to adventure his many different worlds

Levelhead is designed with the common theme is the universe. However, you will have to bring items to the most remote places of the galaxy. This allows players to adventure to extremely new lands. You can go to unique places like the desert but there is the appearance of snow blocks, waterfalls controlled by robots, and even monsters that are bred by many different species. Adventure players going to these places will have to try to find the characteristics of the terrain to overcome them.

Levelhead (Full/Paid) *****

LEVELs, or “Limited Exercises for eValuating employEe Limitations” mode

This is the “Levelhead” biggest highlight for you. Players participating in the game can come to a place where you play the role of the production team. Meaning the player will use the available things to design into a complete level. These levels will definitely be harder than what you have been through before. Because this is what you create to challenge yourself.

The game will provide many different things for you to choose for your stage. First, you have to choose different blocks to create a complete platform. Basically, these blocks have different properties to create challenges. The bricks will be the most basic thing you have to use. Because they will create a place where the player can stand on it and move. You can then select blocks of leaves to hide something. These blocks of snow can cause icing. Many unique things are provided, allowing you to put in your level accordingly. Or, if you just want to create levels that are easy for your friends to join and enjoy the music for. Sometimes, you also create impossible challenges for many people to try. Everything can be shared in the game community for everyone to join.


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