Game Like A Boss APK

Game Like A Boss APK
Publisher Versus Evil
Genre Action
Size 91M
Latest Version 1.0.1701
MOD Info money
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Update July 19, 2018 (3 years ago)

Versus Evil is famous for mobile role-playing games such as Fear the Walking Dead, Guild of Dungeoneering, The Banner Saga and several other games. In December, the new product Like A Boss was officially released, and the game received enthusiastic support from the gaming community all over the world thanks to its unique and interesting playing style. If you are depressed with the heroic role-playing game to kill bad guys Like a Boss is a game that is completely opposite to the role-playing games available in the market today.

Like A Boss APK will be an entertaining game if you are tired of being the heroic monsters who seek out and destroy the monster lair, along with finding the precious and Upgrade your equipment. In Like a Boss you will be immersed in a giant monster and fight the heroes who are trying to destroy you. This is a completely opposite way to the role-playing games available on the market, so it also has its own highlight and gets the attention of many players.

The game is also very simple because the usual role-playing games do not have the new emphasis, if any, just focus on the story, but the game is certainly not changed. We still have a touch paddle that controls your character around the map, right there are squares of equipment that you can use and the skills you have. Can be used to smash the heroes who are trying to attack you. If you are used to playing a hero who is going to destroy monsters to help people with good health, with this game, you will have a completely different view, the hero is now very small and fragile, And you become a giant wicked person that can smash those tiny guys with just one hand. This will be an enjoyable experience that I’m sure everyone will want to try once.

The game also allows players to use their connection to join different groups, which means you can join all players around the world without any difficulty, even Lice are helping each other when in danger. Currently, the voice chat feature is being developed by the publisher and is expected to be added in the upcoming releases. Players can easily interact with their teammates.

Graphics is not the highlight of Like a Boss if this game brings in a high-end 3D graphics platform I will evaluate this game is a super-product this year’s end. However, the publisher re-equips the game with a Minecraft graphics platform. This makes the player experience is no longer true, in return it will make a lot of laughter by playing unique style combined with a graphic is equally unique.

Leaving the shortcomings, Like A Boss Mod APK is still a worthwhile game for you to experience. This is a new trend in the mobile gaming market in general and role-playing in particular. If you are looking for a funny role-playing game with a new style of play then this is what you need to find.

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