Game LINE Pangya Mobile

Game LINE Pangya Mobile
Publisher LINE Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 92M
Latest Version 1.0.15
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OS Android Games

Once again, Pangya Mobile (LINE Pangya) will bring live music experience to mobile phones. Do you have the passion for music, painting? Do you love the art world but the present life with so much anxiety has made you lose the opportunity to live full of passion? Pangya online game will give you the feeling of being immersed in the world of colors, sounds and novel stories attractive.

LINE Pangya APK is a closed beta project that starts on December 14th and ends on December 18th. The game is a series of stories about the life of a group of friends on a beautiful island where they live and have fun activities. Players are tasked with transforming into characters in the game and taking on the adventures and struggles of their lives. Because they are characters who have a tinge of color in music and the arts, most of the competitions are related to music such as dancing, dancing or singing with a variety of games and variety. The type is divided into several loops. Players can join in either group or solo mode

In the game there are a lot of different mini-games, players are allowed to choose their favorite characters and participate in mini-games, each character has. Different skills and tools. In the games, the most popular is the push the ball into the golf or hit the ball. The mini-game has a huge role in raising the cumulative amount of character. In the life of Pangya requires the characters must have cooperation and solidarity, they not only support each other in the competition but also grow together

They are close and close as close friends in our real life. The game focuses on building a system of many interesting applications on the island to attract players. Lost in, the world of Pangya you as an animated film director, created scenes that are both cheerful, innocent but also extremely attractive.

With a variety of contexts, Pangya’s main interface is a collection of extremely interesting venues, from beautiful lakes to prairies, deserts or private homes. All of them are the extremely elaborate investment in painting a brilliant, fresh and impressive picture. The characters in the game are shaped in the style of cartoon characters; each character is equipped with special outfits, not only through each round of characters will be changed extremely costumes. Lively. Not to mention the excellence of the sound system, the game will not be as successful anymore. Like a game of music, the music is very elaborate, the system composed of a lot of background music, each song expresses the personality style of the character. So Pangya has a perfect face in both content and form.

However, when playing the game players should note some important tips:

  • Your data will not be kept and will be deleted at the end of the survey.
  • The body needs more dynamic activity.
  • The game is still struggling to run on mobile devices running Android platform

However, with so many great features, LINE Pangya is the top choice for fans with the desire to entertain and relax. Currently, everyone is waiting for the latest information on the game from the manufacturer and wish to own Pangya Mobile.

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