Game Little Big City

Game Little Big City
Publisher Gameloft
Genre Simulation
Size 20MB
Latest Version 4.0.6
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Gems
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Update July 19, 2020 (8 months ago)

Life is growing, and with that, more and more modern cities are born. Beautiful cities with high-rise buildings, bridges kilometers and kilometers, smooth and open paved roads, modern parks and large squares, The place is also nudged people over. But do you know that behind all the splendor that these cities bring is the grave anxiety, rational planning of the authorities? So are you interested in becoming an authority in the hands of decisions that affect the entire city you manage? Come to Little Big City, an extremely exciting game for the highly popular Gameloft publisher, and you’ll be delighted to create a city of your own!

Gameloft’s funniest game

When participating in Little Big City, you will be playing the Mayor of a specific port. And your mission is to build a dream city for your residents. So what can you do? Your initial city will be full of green trees, weeds filled with wild fields and extremely empty, roads dividing the land into different areas, etc. The system will guide you to start the game. In a very meticulous way, firstly buy yourself a house, and when the house is completed, you will be given stars to increase the level and a little gold to buy a piece of land and some food You can quickly earn a lot of money.

Once you’ve made enough money, you can use them to buy designs for new types of homes with a wide variety of plantations, plantations, soil samples, and a variety of new plants. In the process of building your city, you can also earn extra money by doing continuous missions to get as much money as possible to invest in your green city. You can also get money and experience from the things you have built, and the products you produce can be a great source of revenue, do not ignore them!


Coming to the game, you will have to utter astonishment with the exciting elements of the game. Here, you have a shop with all the types of works you want. From theatres, cinemas, hotels, … or the processing factories, the beautiful private homes with full sights,…

And all you need is just making money, so much money to buy them. And the more you invest, the more profits you earn, the more that is the speciality of the game. The mini-game is also a very interesting feature of the game is not too dull when only built and built, … There are many small games for you to choose as a mouse, kick the ball into the subject, sentence fish, … and many other great games are integrated into Little Big City. You can also meet your new neighbours and exchange exciting stories, and they are great people in your city, get along with them!

Graphics and sound

The gameplay is pretty fun and cute, like an animated movie. The houses, as well as the trees and gardens, are all incredibly beautiful and beautifully designed. The bright colours bring the feeling of comfort next to the high experience. The lively and fun sounds promise to make you love the game at first sight.

Sum up

What Little Big City MOD offers you is the fun-filled moments with a beautiful city created by your own hands. All of the city is yours, and you have the ability, as a competent Mayor, to build your dream city of your choice. Interesting is not it? What are you waiting for without playing today for a great experience?


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