Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Genre Action
Size 64MB
Latest Version 1.2.94
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 7, 2020 (7 months ago)

Mobile never lacks game titles for sniping, but if it is as goodness and coolness as Lonewolf then there is no second example. Even the game Hitman Sniper of the hit Hitman series on PC / Console must also lose some part of the gameplay when compared to Lonewolf. Although only with a very simple 2D image, the game has successfully demonstrated the target shooting stage, or the break door scene, stormed into the middle of the dangerous room to fight.

Lonewolf (17+) places players as an assassin with millions of dollars worth of contracts. Regardless of whether the target is a bad person or a good person, you can kill them. Because of the character controlled by you, a flesh and blood person, you will be the one to decide what to do with these contracts. Tighten the trigger or not, choose a target, kill the innocent and the earned money, all will make you and the mysterious character carry a mysterious past.

An intense game with moral conflicts

An assassin needs tasks and deals to carry out. Lonewolf (17+) has 30 different types of tasks ranging from easy to difficult. Your mission is mainly assassination and murder. Players will hide in a position far away from the victim and use sniper rifles to lower the target. Those who are hired to kill may be the good or the bad, depending on someone hire you. You can agree to make money or refuse. Lonewolf is a game that not only revolves around sniper stages but also focuses on scenes that approach the target and press the enemy with an assault rifle or rifle.

These battles push up the thrill when players no longer have a long-range advantage or a safe position. now death depends entirely on reflexes and acumen in the heart of the player, bringing unexpected and suspenseful moments. If you complete the task, you will be paid some lucrative and also gain credibility. And conversely, if your mission is lost, your credibility will decrease and you will not receive any money.

More than 20 Weapons

Kill people must definitely need weapons, you choose yourself a gun to perform assassination missions. Lonewolf (17+) has a total of 20 types of guns including pistols, submachine rifles, and sniper rifles. Depending on the characteristics of each mission, you should choose the right gun. The goal may be in the street, in the car or in the house, you need to use your marksmanship skill to aim at the most accurate shot.

5+ Hours Story Mode

Assassins often don’t reveal their identities outside. But in the same field, they always wanted to be known and respected by other assassins. So the assassins also have ranks and popularity. When you complete more and more tasks, you will get more money and prestige points. Increasing prestige means you get more complex tasks/bonuses and everyone will know you.

Can you handle it? The story unfolds

Basically, the game revolves around you using guns to lower targets. On the screen, there are buttons for you to adjust the gun. Use your left finger to move the center of the gun. When the mind has just hit the target, choose the bullet button to pull the trigger. In case of running out of ammunition, you must select a bullet replacement key. In addition, if you do not see enough goals, you can select the plus or minus buttons on the screen to see better. With the aim, aiming at the head is the most dangerous position, the victim will die faster. Other positions such as arms and legs will lose less blood so a bullet may not kill the victim.