Game Lovelink

Game Lovelink
Publisher Ludia Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 100M
Latest Version 1.4.30
MOD Info Many Gems
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Files March 10, 2021 (4 days ago)

Lovelink is a dating simulation game like the social network Tinder. Here you can search for your partner, meet, date, and go beyond

The time right now is not the same as the old days, especially about love. Before, having a love story had to go through many different stages. You have to meet people not once, but many times to create familiar connections. Then move on to talk and find a more in-depth approach to creating a relationship. Nowadays, thanks to the development of social networking sites, society can get a relationship just by texting above. Tinder is one of the best examples of a dedicated application for those looking for love. Lovelink (MOD, Many Gems)

Lovelink – simulation game Tinder

Suppose in case you do not know how to find love on Tinder, or you are interested in this type of dating, Lovelink is a game that simulates precisely what you will experience with your contemporary love through the internet. This will be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever experience. If you think it’s the same as standard dating games, you’re wrong. It will be a story told through text messages, and the players will be meeting many different people as well. Overall, the experience is so real that you’d imagine you’re meeting a real person on Tinder. Lovelink (MOD, Many Gems)

Unique graphics, like a teen fic story for 17-year-old love

Really this is the unique story of the present time. If you have read through the manga for teenagers, you will feel the characters in this have similarities. Let’s talk about the characters in this first. The game recommends you more than 60 characters. They are all designed with beautiful looks in their own way. The images they are downloading as avatars are beautiful. If they were men, they would have a handsome appearance with unique clothes. Women will show a lot of personalities through avatars along with the Bio series. Synthesizing information from many different sources, the design team of “Lovelink” has come up with many types of people to choose from and “swipe right.” The game is worth using for a lot of people because it has the right design. Lovelink (MOD, Many Gems) In terms of the interactive interface, it’s almost 80% like Tinder. Therefore, everything interacting is practically perfect and suitable for everyone. If you have never used it in the world before, you can imagine that it is just like a social networking site. You will find love through avatars. If you like, then turn right, if you do not like it, then swipe left, and then text each other until you feel that the other person has a special love for you, go a little further. Lovelink (MOD, Many Gems)

Story-driven by texts, a type of game makes by choices

These types of games are also quite familiar to many people. Lovelink is a game form that combines selecting options and reading messages. That means, during the process that you use the social network Lovelink, you will choose a few people like that. Depending on the Bio lines as well as the avatar photo, you will choose the people that match your personality. Please wait a bit before they respond to you. It’s the same way you use Tinder. Have to wait a bit, they also have to “swipe right” you to the two can contact each other through a conversation. Lovelink (MOD, Many Gems) When someone starts to match you, then both will be put into a private box. Here the story of the two will automatically take place. That means you will not be allowed to text the other person yourself. Characters you own will automatically text them and receive feedback messages from the other party. The fun thing is, though, sometimes you’ll be allowed to choose between two options to continue the conversation. The way you pick this option will direct the conversation to a different end. Lovelink (MOD, Many Gems) In addition, you will also receive photos of the enemy. Players will have to use a certain amount of diamonds to be able to view those pictures. If you don’t want to see it, then okay. But often, it’s the best way for the relationship to continue further. “Lovelink” will have no way to earn diamonds. You can only deposit money there and convert it to diamonds only. In general, this is just one-way game publishers can maintain everything. They also need to develop games. If you want your story to continue to grow and get better and better, then support them. This is really the right thing to do.


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