Game Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

Game Lovestruck Choose Your Romance
Publisher Inc., Voltage Entertainment USA
Genre Simulation
Size 69M
Latest Version 8.4
MOD Info All Tickets Unlocked
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Update February 21, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Love has always been the most popular topic of all time. Basically, if you are a human, then you will surely love it. This is completely natural, it comes anytime and makes you truly captivated. It is these positive emotions that allow you to have a better life. If you’ve never tried the feeling of love, you can try Lovestruck Choose Your Romance. This is a completely new game, with lots of fascinating details that have just been created. It is like a movie that really attracts viewers and experienced people.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance (MOD, All Tickets Unlocked)

Interesting stories that make up the brand of the game

This is a game interaction that allows players the ability to influence the timeline and storyline. This gameplay is quite familiar and attractive with a lot of unique situations offered for you to handle. Usually, for other games, situations that occur in society with normal relationships are complicated. If it’s love, the way to handle it is much more complicated. “Lovestruck Choose Your Romance” allows you to choose the way your love takes place in unique backgrounds. The characters in the game also have diversification so that situations become tricky and many timelines can occur depending on the mood of the player.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance (MOD, All Tickets Unlocked)


This is a story about a world in which people have a different ability. Animal shapeshifters are humans who possess the ability to transform into other creatures. This ability contains a lot of advantages but also contains a lot of trouble. If you are a person who can turn into a lion, it is great, however, with the ability to turn into a mouse, it is really boring. The adventure will take place continuously so that players can interact with other characters. You are brave enough to go through this journey, you will surely find your love.


Players will transform into a princess. However, before that, you did not know your noble status. This is the journey for you to find yourself. The glamorous events surrounding a princess will make you lost in the world. Can you find out who you are, and find out who you love among the men nearby?


Love is always surrounded by beautiful words and beautiful thoughts. However, have you ever thought it would flourish in the most brutal places. This story is a modern fairy tale when people in misery love each other. They are outlaws, pushed to the front lines in the fight against monsters and ghouls. It is love and passionate hugs that will empower people.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance (MOD, All Tickets Unlocked)

Beautiful character design, very special accents

Really, the appeal of this game is that it is designed with very beautiful images. The first time you look at the game, you will immediately feel interested in character creation. “Lovestruck Choose Your Romance” has an extremely enthusiastic part of the artist who drew more than 70 characters for his game. In addition, content writers also contribute to creating personalities as well as backstories for each person. Going into the game, players will find hidden spots in their characters. Throughout the journeys you go through, they will make you want to continue being with your character. You will have spiritual connections with them, the harmony will lead you to a full end.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance (MOD, All Tickets Unlocked)

In addition, context design also has its success. Characters in the game will be placed in very unique situations, they reflect real life. Besides realistic elements, fantasy and fantasy elements will make everything unique and interesting. For example, in a few stories, you will be taken to a dark dungeon with monsters around. The scene depicts a gloomy, horrifying atmosphere. If you are a coward, you will definitely choose to run, otherwise, you will fight to the end. The scene in the game also greatly affects the decisions of the player in many different cases.

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance (MOD, All Tickets Unlocked)

Choices that lead you to many different

Endings in the game, players will be given choices based on the situation the game makes. With each choice, the future will continue in many different ways. Games like this will have certain scenes and outcomes. Players can play multiple times with different workarounds until they unlock all the scenes and outcomes. Thanks to this variety, you will not be bored with the story and the gameplay. New stories are constantly being updated weekly.


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