Game MagiCats Builder

Game MagiCats Builder
Publisher Dreamz Studio
Genre Arcade
Size 67M
Latest Version 2.0.10
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OS Android Games

Talking about Western culture, maybe the pet is one of the most loved ones. Typically dogs and cats, they are raised, loved and seen as a formal member of the family. Therefore, people also love all things related to them. And indeed the game’s producers grasp this tastes in the culture, so they also bring their pet into the game to increase their appeal.

Crazy Dreamz always seems to bring the craziest things to the gamer as well as the fans. They want to innovate and make things impossible to become. It is the reputation of this studio as well as the fulfilment of what their fans expect. MagiCats Builder is the latest release of Crazy Dreamz that has been announced on major forums. This July, a blockbuster will be released, the hottest combination of the two most popular: Cats and platforming games. Indeed, gameplay will be loved by the unique and creative. And its graphics are almost like a favourite game called Rayman.

What epic CATStruction will you build?

Yes, it is a game builder, not a regular RPG game. That means you will become a challenge creator, creating challenges for yourself rather than having to go through the set-up stages. To better describe this, the designer will allow you to use the challenges they have and use them to create a game. The degree of difficulty depends entirely on you. Players will have to set the terrain for the character to move manually. For example, a long line with bends, and then the road is bumpy or bumpy, and there are dangling spots to jump on. Next, after you’ve designed the terrain for a scene, you’ll be able to decide how the scene will look. This is a great influence on the game because it can distract the player during the move as well as hide the bonus points that you arrange to increase the power.

Finally, the hardest part, the challenge. If you’ve played a lot of horizontal-screen RPGs like Mario, here’s a quick look at how the game works. Challenges will appear on the way often and try to prevent you from moving forward and completing the game. This time, you do not have to overcome the challenge but to put them to form a complete game. Traps, swirling traps, monsters (many with different traits), deep holes are typical obstructions. You have full control over where they are placed, when they appear, how they move, and their combos, and so on. The only limit is your creativity.


A game in contrast to what’s still going on in today’s gaming world will definitely stimulate the curiosity of players around the world. Of course, you build maps, but you have the right to experience maps as a normal RPG. Especially, you can enjoy friends’ maps all over the server. Try to complete them and obviously the variety of maps in this game is endless. Maps will be posted to the main forum of the game and honoured there. Cats and creativity. Uhm?? Do you agree?

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